XP, Realtek Audio, and Boston Acoustics

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Nov 5, 2003
  1. Hoping that someone can spare me the expense of new speakers...
    I just purchased a Compaq Presario for a friend, and installed it with all existing hardware. I cannot get the Boston Acoustic BA735 Digital speakers to work. BA says there speakers work fine, and that the problem lies in the soundcard (Realtek AC97 Audio), and suggest that the card may not be configured for digital output. Can anyone shed some light on this, such as a way to configure the soundcard for digital output?

    BTW: It's running XP

    Thanks in advance,
  2. poertner_1274

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    Please do not double post, your problem will get solved in due time, it just takes a little patience.

    BTW :wave: Welcome to TechSpot :wave:
  3. StormBringer

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    I am not aware of any boards with AC97 sound that support digital output.

    Edit: seems some do with the addition of an optional component.

    Make sure you have a digital jack to plug the speakers into. If you do, make sure digital output is enabled in sound settings
  4. bcorbett

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    Sorry 'bout the double posting--I posted my question first in the drivers board, and then realized that I should have posted it in A/V.
  5. Godataloss

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    I have AC97 sound, but the only digital out is fiber optic- not spdif. The system sounds do not output, but all media players and games do.
  6. totoro

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    Presario & Boston 735 speakers

    I have the same setup. I recently bought a Compaq Presario R3000Z, and have a set of Boston BA735 speakers from my other computer I would like to use with the laptop. On my other computer, I had the option of turning digital sound on or off... there's a checkbox labeled "Digital sound only" that I would need to change to use headphones with the SoundBlaster Live! sound card.

    Anyway, I figured that the reason the external speakers didn't work with the laptop is because I didn't have digital audio turned on. But the option is not available on my laptop in the Sounds and Audio control panel.

    I really don't know a lot of technical stuff... but I do know what a mini-port and plug look like. :)
  7. vegasgmc

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    You may need a specific audio program from Compaq. Have you tried their site. You can put in the computer model number and they will give you a list of downloads.
  8. neilb

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    Hi all,

    Sounds like this problem of Win XP Home, boston BA735 digital speakers and Realtek AC97 o/board sound has been around but, as yet, I still have not found a solution. I've got a Gateway P3 650 that used these speakers well but I have tried to activate digital out through Sound in Control Panel (but it is grayed out ), Gone to the Gigabyte web page ( but have found that not very helpful [ cant even send an email ] ), Microsoft & Gateway both discussed it but I couldn't find a fix.

    Any suggestions ??

    Thanks in advance

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