XP Reboot after one minute of XP logo - HELP! Thanks :-)

Aug 6, 2006
  1. The other day there was a momentary blackout and my machine rebooted but has not come back to normal. At first I thought it was just the monitors because there was spinach on the Dell logo boot screen. I was able to get into the safe mode at high res (weird) so aside from a little sluggishness the only problem was that I did not have my eight monitors. I ran diagnostics on all hardware; result: No problemo --- anywhere else but video --- and in a sense there was not a problem there except with the spinach on the Dell setup screen, which come to think of it happened every once in a while in the past when things were AOK.

    I was getting another monitor card anyway; I got the xentera g8 - neat. After installing it, I had the same problem: I could only boot in the safe mode. without hitting F8 and going to safe, the XP just rebooted after about a minute or so of the XP Logo screen with the little blue progress bar.

    I decided to "repair" XP by "updating" XP and reinstalling it over the existing XP folder. Well, more or less, the problem persisted in this reinstall setup as it reached a point where the message was something like "... this time XP was not able to install all the components; try again by repeating the install (not exact words)".

    I did this six times to no avail. (Hehe - Carzy me reading too much into "try again") Then I decided to go into safe mode again but XP will not let me back there: "XP can not continue setup in safe mode." LOL

    So what to do. I know I can install XP onto another folder and just have another XP on the machine, but I have something like 300 programs on this existing setup-version of XP and dread the thought of installing and finding all the disks, etc. (not to mention the time it would take).

    What to do here?
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