Xp removed, but still asked which OS to boot up on.

By 3rd_shift
Feb 12, 2006
  1. I had WindowsXP Pro on my home pc and didn't like it.
    I tried the nice way to remove it, but that just didn't work for some reason.
    I then got rid of the windows directory and renamed all the others that were created during the install while keeping most of my other programs intact on the hard drive.
    The mission was to keep many of my programs intact while getting rid of WinXP Pro and it's related components.

    Reinstalled WinME from scratch and saved most of my programs.
    A few were reinstalled, but work as before otherwise.
    It has worked like this for over a year now with no other problems believe it or not.
    But I would like to get rid of the annoying question at each bootup on which OS to boot up to.
    What file on the hard drive is it, and how do I kick it out?
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Take a look HERE

    Hope it helps.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. wlknaack

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    I do not know anything about WinME, but there is a simple way in XP to do this, so I am presenting it to you to see if it applies to ME.

    Start/Run/type "msconfig" in the dialog box/OK. Select the Boot.ini Tab in the System Configuration Utility, and click on the "Check on all Boot Paths" button. Since you only have one valid boot path, one of the paths should be presented as invalid. Select the delete option. Click Apply/OK, as appropriate. Reboot. The OS Choice screen should disappear.
  4. 3rd_shift

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    Thanks for the help but,
    I gave up and installed Windows 2000 Pro overtop of ME.
    It works beautifully, now that I have it all set up with the latest updates, sp4, and correct drivers.
    Boots up and runs a lot better now.
    Now I wish I never knew winME, but had stayed with win98 instead then.
    2000 was the true upgrade as far as I can tell at this early stage.
    I will later be installing another drive wiith Windows 98 on it to play my older dos games with, and run anything that 2000 won't.

    Both of these operating systems were bought legit in trade (cheap) for a few of my flashlights on candlepowerforums a while back.

    As for WinXP, I'm holding out for Vista instead on my home pc.
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