XP to vista LAN problems

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Jun 23, 2007
  1. Put simply the problem is that when my computer (WINXP) seems to have problems connecting to another computer (VISTA). I know that the LAN port is working as i can connect to a router through it and that the cable is not damaged. I installed an update from microsoft that was about the way vista connects through LAN (something to do with layers) and that the update is needed for XP to connect using this layer system.

    The Neither the Vista or the XP computer realize that they are connected and so do not share information.

    Any help on getting the two computers to be able to connect would be appreciated.


  2. nickc

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    may I ask u to supply the link to the program or as u said update?
  3. Brotherhood619

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  4. mitch04

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    i have the same problem havnt used that update but does that mean i can share stuff from vista to xp viser versa ?
  5. N3051M

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    On your XP pc.
    -Go to System Properties > Computer name tab
    * Check that workgroup is set to the same
    -Go to Network Connections page and verify you're in the same IP range for both PCs.
    -Verify firewall has allowed for file sharing operations (and whatever else you need)
    -Share any folders by right clicking it and going to "Share"

    Vista PC.
    -Start > type in Sharing and select the Networking and Sharing center
    *scroll to the bottom of the page and enable any options that you need (file sharing, network discovery etc)
    -You can go to Manage Network Connections and verify the IP adress range are in the same as your other PC.
    -also check your firewall has allowed the correct things to go through...
    -share any folders you want by right clicking it and going to share..

    If you can ping the computers via thier IP address then you're one step closer..

    i don't think i've had that update (unless it installed automaticaly) but it won't hurt to try..
  6. raphau

    raphau TS Rookie

    Hello, I got almost the same problem... I got PC(winXP) and Notebook(Vista), they are connected via LAN cable (ethernet) and PC is the host.
    Everything works fine but they don't see each other when I want to share files. Workgroup is the same on both of them.
    I can play LAN games, PC shares internet connection and I can ping each computer.
    Could you help me?
  7. N3051M

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    I assume you've got the latest from windows update?

    I'll also assume that you're either connecting them directly using crossover or through a hub/switch/router to talk to each other. And that you've enabled sharing on a folder for this with the right permissions.

    Getting an IP address is the first step in networking. The second step is to get the exchange of data happening.

    In Vista, what services have you turned on? File transfer is the most important one here (obviously), second would be network discovery (unless you're planning on typing the address of the folder manually all the time). Same with XP. File sharing service should be turned on there as well..

    The second thing is your firewalls. Turn it off. Both of them. I do suggest isolating your pcs from the internet for this test beforehand, for obvious reasons. If you can see the other pc (or type in its ip address in the explorer window) and get a response, then you're one step closer. All you have to do now is tweak the firewall to allow the connection to establish via whatever method it uses.

    if you're still stuck, tell us the situation, and also troubleshooting methods you've attemtped yourself ("i've tried everything" doesn't count as a method btw), and any other usefull information that would help...
  8. raphau

    raphau TS Rookie

    I got SP3 beta on XP, and Vista without SP.
    file sharing is ON on both computers.
    I don't have Link Layer Topology installed on PC (with XP)
    Firewalls are turned off and nothing... I can't connect to the other PC via IP adress typed in folder explorer.

    I must try to download that LLTD but don't I don't think it will change much

    I use direct connection with crossover cable
  9. N3051M

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    have you tried installing vista SP1? i hear there's some fixes to the network compatibility between vista and xp..
  10. jobeard

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    see this Vista Tip
    Also Enable all default Windows Firewalls, Enable Print/File Sharing, AND
    make sure all systems have the same Workgroup name.

    Yes it will *IF* you have the Vista Discovery Service running. Personally
    I would disable Discovery, UPnP, and SSDP on Vista as the XP techniques are simple
    and easier to manage.

    Then the system that has Internet access needs ICS enabled too.
    This is not a very good solution, but it is the cheapest -- if you don't mind having
    both systems running all the time :(

    Your first sign of success will be
    1. all systems can PING WWW.GOOGLE.COM
    2. and can ping all systems on your internal network

    you first find the local systems IP address using run->cmd and enter ipconfig; save the IP address.

    do this on the other system too.

    now from system-A ping system-B's ipaddress and
    then move to system-B and ping system-A's ipaddress.

    When both can ping the other, then the file sharing is the only thing left to solve.
  11. jmealing

    jmealing TS Rookie

    XP SP3 and Vista LAN problems

    I'm having the same problem, but stranger. Two XP machines, one Vista.
    These are the symptoms:

    XP1 can ping XP2
    Vista can ping XP2
    XP2 can’t ping any machines
    XP1 WORKGROUP shows all three but cannot connect to or mount shares on the other two
    XP1 and Vista only show themselves

    All three have internet access. There is an MS download that has an executable that must run in Safe Mode. Got it, did it, no joy. here is the link:
    search for kb953979 on MS site.

    IP addresses are OK; have password protected logins.

    Connection is via router.
    Didn't have this problem until SP3 loaded itself and the machines were re-booted.

    Any ideas will be appreciated
  12. jobeard

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  13. jmealing

    jmealing TS Rookie

    XP SP3 and Vista networking

    I had previously posted a message about not being able to ping or connect between my two XP and one Vista machines - local home net.
    I'm running McAfee so none of the Norton solutions worked.
    Thanks to the one who mentioned the security settings on their virus protection.
    It comes down to this:
    * if you can't ping another McAfee protected machine, open the Security Center, go to Configure\Internet & Network and check the ICMP ping requests
    * If you can't connect or mount a share on another machine in your local net, turn off the McAfee Firewall. It will complain, but now you can get to your other machines.
    I spent a week figinting the wrong problems!
    Thanks again to all the posts and good luck with XP SP# and Vista!
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