XP wont boot after motherboard ram and cpu change

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Aug 30, 2007
  1. I had a motherboard that messed up on me. would not give any output at all. so i put in a new motherboard, put in new ram that was compatable, and put in a new pentium 4 dual core. the computer now runs through the start up process and everything it is supposed to. however when it hits the windows start up screen it just reboots the computer. i reinstalled windows xp but it still has the same problem. does anyone know what the problem could be? please help thank you
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    For a quick solution..try this. Tap F8 on boot, then boot "last know good configuration". See what happens. If that doesn't work wait for someone else to respond. If it does work, make sure you install the new mobo driver.s
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    Kingston ddr2 667 ram. ECS elite group p4m900t-m motherboard.
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    didnt work

    after the computer boots it gets to the windows loading screen. thats where the problem is. then it restarts and brings me to the screen that says there was a problem booting and so on. i have tried booting with last known good configuration, and i have tried in safe mode. a freind of mine suggested that maybe i should put the old pentium chip in, see if it works, and then run the motherboard set up cd. then replace the cpu back to the new one and then try to configure that. im not sure if that will work and im trying to avoid pulling it apart again. im hoping that maybe there is a screen i can pull up in the bios to try and reconfigure the new cpu or something? ive never done this before so that may not make sense, but this is the first time i have done any hardware changes to the computer so im not sure if im just missing something stupid.
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    yeah, i was hoping to avoid pulling it all back apart. that cooling fan was being a real pain to install, not to mention i didnt want to buy some more heat grease. i was hoping to try a few more ideas that revolved around settings and configurations. anyone else have some other ideas i can try before i tear it down again?
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    you must reinstall windows with new or replacement motherboard. A BIOS update may be required with a new CPU.
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    ok, i tried the safe mode boot, that doesnt do anything other than bringing me back to the same screen as starting with last known good configuration. there isnt any error codes, it just says that windows failed to boot. it says it may have been because of a recent hardware change, and i think that is the problem. how do i go about updateing the BIOS? and it isnt over heating either. ever since i put in the new mobo it hasnt compleatly booted up. i think updating the BIOS sounds like it might work.. i dont know how to do that though.
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    also, could i have made the wrong selection when installing windows again? could it be trying to boot to the old windows files on the hard drive. or is that not possible? if it is possible, how would i change it to boot to the new installed files?
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    I have the cd that came with the motherboard. do i need to do something with that? i know it has the drivers and what not so im sure ill have to do that but i thought it was after windows loads. could i be mistaken? do i have to load something with that cd before it will get to windows? if so how do i do that?
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    not neccessarily, i've changed motherboards without a reformat, its the cpu that makes you have to reformat, when you switch a CPU, you won't be able to boot up. You gotta re-install windows.
  13. KSochalski

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    ok, updating the bios sounds a bit extreem after reading tedster's little spiel about it. i mean it brand new, it probably isnt that? Best i can come up with is some kind of setting that needs to be changed. or the fact that i am changing too much hardware at once. do i have to configure the new cpu to the motherboard, or both to windows? i dont know the process, all i did was load windows again, do i need to do something to configure the cpu to the new board or something? the problem is only when it goes to boot windows. so i think i have some kind of settings or something that is not recognizing?
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    tedster. could you please explain a little bit why i should do a bios update. maybe with a little elaboration i will understand why it is necessary. it just seems a little extreem but i wont even begin to pretend i know more about this than you. i just want a little clarification about what you think might be happening, and why this will fix it. thank you, kevin
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