XP won't boot past Windows screne

By Jacob ยท 6 replies
Feb 23, 2005
  1. I'm trying help a friend with a problem... As reported, for some unknown reason their HP laptop won't boot past the Windows screne... It just sits there and the only error that shows up is something about WIRELESSMGR.EXE doesn't load.... You can o.k or cancel that dialog but nothing happens.... Any suggestions welcomed
  2. SNGX1275

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    Boot into safe mode, then run msconfig. Take out all of the things that he doesn't absolutely need on boot. Then reboot and see if it can get into windows.

    To get into safe mode: press F8 a few times right before the Windows splash screen appears.
  3. Jacob

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    I've tried that ..... Safe Mode boots to the same Windows screne and that's as far as it will go
  4. Liquidlen

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    Jacob at the top of this page is where you might as well go . Just follow the instructions.
    Your problem sounds like some driver is trying to load and it is conflicted with something ,but you won't find out until you get to the GUI.
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    I think Liquidlen is saying a reapir would be in order. It is definately worth a shot.
    And the information can be found at

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  6. Jacob

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    Tried that TOO

    Thanks for the help folks.... I have also tried to repair the OS.... I don't have the original restore disk, so I have tried another XP disk... I get to the point where it needs an administrator pwd to continue the repair & bootto c:\windows.... Nobody knows a password...... I am at the point wher I think ordering a disk from HP might be the thing to do.... anymore suggestions????
  7. Liquidlen

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    A new operational disk from HP or buy a new copy of Windows , will only allow you to end up where you are now.
    Without the current Admin password , all secured data will be unrecoverable .
    In this situation you would simply format and reload.
    There is a password hack ,but we do not support that type of information at this site.
    Good luck!
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