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Feb 17, 2004
  1. I apologise if this has already been covered, but I have searched, honest!

    OK, I have recently built my first pc. Mobo is an MSI 7N420 Pro, Processor is Athlon XP2500+ (Barton). On boot, the PC POST's fine, but the processor shows up as Duron 1100.... well at least, it DID, it now shows: W6363UK for test only. v1.0B1 070802

    After this, IDE devices check happens, it recognises IDE as being primary, and CDRom as primary, but then flashes up "Primary IDE Channel no 80 conductor cable installed".

    I have checked all IDE connections and cables, swapped them over, etc, but this makes no difference.

    It then boots Windows 2000 splash screen and then comes up with BSOD giving the "check for viruses, remove newly installed hdd... etc" scenario

    I have transferred over my original HDD, which was newly loaded with Win2K, and I have read somewhere that it might be necessary to do a clean install.

    Sorry if this is my usual *****'s type question, but does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks guys!
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    When installing a new mobo, you also need a fresh installation of your OS, unless you replace an existing mobo with an exact duplicate.
    So get your CD's out, make a big pot of coffee and settle in for a set-up session.
  3. josbd

    josbd TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 202

    Okies, coffee and music sounds like a good idea! Thanks!!
  4. Bug

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    If the proc is showing up incorrectly, it could be a setting in the bios, or the bios needs to be updated to correctly identify your chip.

    The 80 pin cable issue is due to the type of cable you are connecting to your HDD. make sure you are using a cable that utilizes the 80 pins instead of 40 pins.

    The link below has pics to show the difference and defines the performance boost.

    [NOTE:] Use the links on the left


  5. josbd

    josbd TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 202

    Great: Thanks for the link and the info!

    This morning, after coming across a couple more probs, I reckon the mobo is faulty. I've rebuilt on what is prob a better board anyway, an Asus A7N8NX-X Rev2, have used Live BIOS update, and the processor is showing as a 1.10 gig Athlon XP.....
  6. snowman

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    go into your bios and go under advanced chipset settings or something of that sort, and where it shows FSB set that to 133, and the multiplier to 11.
  7. josbd

    josbd TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 202

    Top darts! I now officially have an Athlon XP2500! Thanks very much to all of you, your help was much appreciated. It is all a learning curve, and once again, I have learned a great deal.

    Cheers all!
  8. Steg

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    166. A Barton core XP uses a 166Mhz FSB. Unless its a mobile XP....then its only 266...but you would know if you had a mobile XP.

  9. josbd

    josbd TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 202

    Yeah, 133 only took it up to 2100, so I upped the ante. Helps to be pointed in the right direction!
  10. snowman

    snowman TS Rookie Posts: 183

    sorry. i cant add today. i have a 2500+ as well, when i first booted up it recognized as a 2000+ for some reason.
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