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XPhome to XPpro networking issues

By jyfergu
Dec 26, 2005
  1. I have a problem that's kickin' me around and Im gettin pretty bruised-up. I've spent hours reading posts relating to networking issues between xp computers, however I have not found the solution for my problem.

    The desktop runs xp pro. Connected via cat5 cable to Linksys wireless router.
    The laptop runs xp home. Connected wirelessly to the Linksys wireless router.
    Both computers are accessing the internet just fine.

    I want to be able to share files over the network between the two machines. I run the network setup wizard on the laptop and after reboot, I can see the laptop under my network group name (in the laptops windows explorer pane). I run the wiz on the desktop (the one with xp pro) and i am NOT able to go to windows explorer and see the any layer below "Microsoft Windows Networks". In fact, the desktop gives me an error box stating that the ....network is not present or activated...or something like that. Once I run the network wiz setup on the desktop, I can see the desktop in the network group on my laptop, however i cannot access anything on the desktop from the laptop....i get the permissions logo.

    The desktop runs zone alarm (which I have disabled during these tests) and the laptop runs Norton internet security (also disabled). I went into each product and entered the ip addresses of the other machine so the security programs would not block the connectivity. Didn't help.

    Ive added every protocol and or service that I felt might be of use, however no cigar.

    The real issues seem to be in the desktop. Everytime I go thru the network setup wiz, "mshome" is always the default group name, even though I change it back to my chosen group name (fergynet) every time. My group is NEVER created on the desktop or viewable ultimately under network places in windows explorer.

    I also setup identical users on each machine in case that was causing problems. That didn't help, even with both computers logged-in with the same user name. I went thru the same network wiz creation routine logged in under the same user name on each computer to no avail. wew.

    So, can anyone give me any other ideas on why this dang desktop, running xp pro, wont cooperate and join my network?
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