XPSP2 Causes system to reboot

By BoBrandon
Oct 19, 2004
  1. Ok:

    SP2 installed on my Mother in law's computer one night a few days ago as an automatic update. She gotos bed one night (several nights since sp2 installed) and the next morning thecomputer is off I assume power went off or something. I turn it on and it brings the screen saying Sorry for the inconvience...

    I tell it to boot normally 10 seconds later it spontaneously reboots. I tell it this time to go into safe mode.... same thing happens...I try last known good config... same thing, except now it just tries to boot and doesn't bring the menu up then about 1/2 way through it reboots. All system devices show ok in POST No BSOD appears... My mother in law is a teacher and her grades are on this computer with no backup. I am going to pull the drive and stick it into my computer to get a backup, but I wondered if this was a problem with SP2 and if Repairing from the CD would fix it without damaging data or if there was another option. We don't want to format unless it a last resort.

    All advice is greatly appreciated
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