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By Pazuzu
Oct 14, 2005
  1. I have been using the Logitech "quick cam zoom" with a built in microphone to make calls via the Bt Communicator facility. I want to make a call using a headphone / microphone. I tried to select the other options under "choose microphone" Sigma Tel Audio & Modem #0 Line Record. Selecting the Sigma shows no mic. response.Selecting Modem #0 gets message:- " your computer's microphone is being used by another program. Please close that prog. & then try again"
    Just to clarify - my headphones & microphone are plugged in on the front of the PC but I see on the back panel there is another (pink) jack socket with the mic. symbol & an adjacent (green)socket with a symbol I do not recognise - a bit like
    --(-(- )) that. I wonder if I should try usin these sockets instead?
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    The front is normally only for headphones/speakers. The mic needs to go into a separate socket normally.
    So try those in the back.
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