Yahoo Mail: cannot receive!

By rhodeswood
Jan 6, 2006
  1. Can anyone offer any advice? One of my Yahoo mail accounts has not been accepting incoming mail for about a month. Messages sent to this address are eventually bounced, with a message saying "unable to open mailbox, temporary error, message been in the queue too long".

    I have tried sending test messages from several different email addresses, and several different computers. The account will send mail fine, but nothing incoming is getting through. The account is definately not over quota. I have sent numerous requests for help to Yahoo, but have not received any response.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. cshell4642

    cshell4642 TS Rookie Posts: 31


    Hi, I had a yahoo IM problem recently and couldn't get an answer either. I was able to find my answer at You might look there and see if someone a similar problem. I did see a thread about email problems, but didn't read it. Good Luck.

    SCHUMIinSA TS Rookie Posts: 134

    This is just a guess but are you on a permanent connection and always have you browser open on Yahoo? Are you using a program with a powerfull firewall like BitDefender? I am guessing here, but a firewall might be keeping emails out. Maybe your browsers security settings may also be a problem. Are you using any sort of anti-spam software?

    I am just throwing ideas which make sense to me at you in case they help, but I don't know much about this.

    Have you tried using that account on another pc with another browser? If not maybe you should try that.
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