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Jul 20, 2007
  1. I feel like a nag on this site but my yahoo messenger has messed up and i keep tryin to delete it but everytime i try to remove messenger it won't delete and a message pops up saying "Could not open Install.Log file" if anyone can help me understand what that means and how to delete it plz let me know it will be appreciated
  2. CCT

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    So, you are running Win95? ??
  3. Need2no

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    win xp but i believe i fixed the problem thank you anyway
  4. CCT

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    So, you gonna share your newfound knowledge or keep it close to the vest like your system info?

  5. yhelp

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    If you try to uninstall yahoo messenger and see the error message "Could not open (or find) INSTALL.LOG file" the please follow the instruction:

    1) select Start->Run
    2) click Browse button
    3) find unwise.exe in Yahoo! install folder (usually C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\unwise.exe), click OK in 'Browse' window
    4) after that you should see in Run window the following:

    "C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\unwise.exe"

    5) edit this line, so it looks like:

    "C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\unwise.exe" install.log

    (after "the path" put the space and type install.log)

    6) click OK in Run window

    That should uninstall yahoo messenger.
  6. LookinAround

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    A warning which may or may not apply in your situation.

    I recently had the same problem you describe where yahoo messenger would not uninstall because install.log was not found.

    In my case
    • I ran the messenger install again which completed and allowed me to uninstall after it was done
    • However, i noticed while the Uninstall Messenger did remove Yahoo Messenger it did not remove all the other Yahoo entries the original install had put on my machine as well(like Yahoo Install Manager, Yahoo Toobar, Yahoo Browser Services and more
    • Each had its own subdirectory including its own uninstall file in the directory which I used to uninstall each component individually
    • HOWEVER after much time, testing, and many System Restores, I discovered when I uninstalled Yahoo Browser Services it deleted the UnInstall subkey in the registry as well as the uninstall data kept under that subkey for each program still on my computer. This caused Add/Remove Programs to no longer display Remove as an option for a program, a situation that's been popping up on different message boards.
    Absolutely, in my case, due to uninstall Yahoo Browser Services. Can't speak with certainty about the cause of the others.
  7. yhelp

    yhelp TS Rookie

    Well you are right there are many ways you can do it. But yahoo are get just like windows something you can not trust. If you find any thing hard to uninstall try a uninstall software like:


    There are many more out there.
  8. LookinAround

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    I agree.

    But a seperate warning: If you see Yahoo Browser Services still left behind under Program Files/yahoo, backup your system before trying to remove it using any method. In my case, it deleted the UnInstall subkey in the registry when it uninstalled. All the program uninstall data kept in the subkeys below UnInstall were also gone.

    just a heads up if should happen to you as well.
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