Yandex releases browser to challenge Google, maintain market share

Shawn Knight

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Russian-based Internet search engine Yandex have released their own web browser in an effort to compete with Google and defend its market share. The browser is based on the WebKit platform and Google's Chromium code and also borrows components from...

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Google vs Yandex - the new cold war!

By the way, for those unaware, the meaning of "Yandex" is "I Index", in Russian, apple-mania in disguise... those sneaky f. Russians...
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I trust the Chinese (Maxthorn or what) even less. It is either the communist party watching your browsing, or the mafia.


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I don't trust Chinese browsers. Don't think I trust the Russian ones much either. And I still don't trust Google Chrome.


Russia catching up in the software market. Good to see that. I admire the Russians and their technolgy.


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Excellent browser so far. I wonder if all the usa kids commentign here forgot who has modern KZ in Cuba and Abu Ghraib. If anyone the russians are more to be trusted than the americans and europeans. on top of that since we don't live there who cares about what they know they have no say where we are.