Yet Another Blue Screen Of Death!!!

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Feb 5, 2007
  1. I found this forum after doing a search on google trying to fix a problem I had on my desktop PC. One of my other PCs was running a database search while I was trying to grab a file out of one of it's shared folders, and the PC I was trying to copy the file to locked up. I got a red bar shaped video glitch at the top of the screen and the whole system just froze. The host pc of the file was not affected. I proceeded to reset the affected PC and upon reboot, it said /WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM was missing or corrupt and I could repair it with WinXP disc and recovery console.

    I put the disc in the drive and rebooted... when I tried to go to recovery console or windows setup from the cd, the system bluescreens with PAGE_FAULT_IN_A_NONPAGED_AREA.

    System will not go in safe mode, or any other windows boot option from the F8 menu.

    My system is a AMD 1800+ 1.5 Ghz with 786MB of RAM running WinXP Home SP2

    I am able to boot the PC using a BartPE disc, WITHOUT the bluescreen of death, but from the Windows XP disc (the same one used to CREATE the BartPE) it bluescreens each and every time. HELP ME????

    I am not sure I posted that in the right section... I am reposting this in Windows OS too.... also, I read about people posting minidumps from a folder called windows/minidumps/ I don't have that directory in my windows directory..
  2. raybay

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    Sometimes an infestation... particularly a Trojan associated with gaming... but also could bee major hardware problem somewhere.
    Suspect memory first, by running MemTest86.
    See if you can set your system to boot first from the CD, then try the repair option from CD again. Or boot from a Knoppix CD.
    If you can install the drive as a slave in another computer, you can scan it for the possible Trojan or other infestation using the software on the master drive.
    Other possibilities are bad hard drive or bad video graphics.
  3. PresWylde

    PresWylde TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I don't do any gaming.... already yanked the drive, dropped it into an external case, used norton off my laptop to check the drive... still nothing... used diskdoc from norton, as well as NAV.... I don't know what a knoppix disc is... I don't have a way to run memtest86 to check the memory cause I can't install programs to the BartPE copy of windows currently running my PC... any other ideas?
  4. jb444

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    To run memtest just make a floppy or cd of it on another computer using whichever file you need from here then boot from that disk, and let the test run for 5-10 passes.
    If, like me, you dont know a huge amount about troubleshooting hardware problems, an easy way to find out is you have another system or spare parts (or burrow a friends) is simply to try each part in a different system, or to swap each component one by one untill the problem is solved.
    If its a software problem I cant offer much advice as I dont have enough experience with computers.
  5. PresWylde

    PresWylde TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I ran memtest for 9 passes, then FINALLY figured out how to make the program tell me WHICH stick was erring..... then had to run it AGAIN..... does memtest normally take 7 or 8 hours to run 10 tests? On the second run, I got alerts saying DIMM 1 and DIMM 3 were bad.. I pulled the simms, cleaned the contacts, used a can of air to blow out the slots, and then reseated them. memtest is on pass 1 with about 57% completed and I have been alerted to 5 errors on DIMM 1 again, but nothing on DIMM 3 as of yet.
  6. nickc

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    PresWylde, if memtest is saying there is an error of any kind then that slot of memory is most likely bad. as u have just shown every rule can be broke, and yes memtest does take a while to run.
  7. PresWylde

    PresWylde TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ALRIGHT..... I removed the two DIMMS that were showing up with errors... ran memtest on the remaining DIMM and it errored on test 6 of the first pass... and ran 9 more passes without as much as a single error. I re-inserted my windows XP setup disc to fix the windows installation and upon booting, I am now getting the same exact blue screen error... but still not getting any minidumps. I can't even get to the windows recovery console. someone HELP!!!!
  8. N3051M

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    if ANY test run using Memtest shows a fail then the modules tested are dud. Regardless if its only 1 fail or 2 million fails, its still a fail.

    They should be replaced with a new fresh set of RAM thats compatible (and good) with your motherboard, and re-test with memtest to see if its your motherboard being bad or just your old ram.

    When you load your windows xp cd onto your PC it dumps it all in the RAM, and if your ram has a bad sector, it will corrupt the data making the cd not load up properly.
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