Yet another Linksys problem..

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Hello..every problem has its solution right? Well, I just get too frustrated trying to find it sometimes, so I thought I'd look to someone else to help me out..

Here is the problem. I have my Hi-speed modem hooked up to my Linksys WRT54G wireless router..everything is installed correctly and ran smoothly for a day or so..I have a brand new Gateway laptop that has the built in reciever and everything, and I know it is on and working, because like I said, everything ran okay for a day or so..

Well, then I try and get on the net last night, and I suffered speeds much much much slower than even a 56k Modem...

I know it is connected to the internet though, because it literally does say it is connected to LinkSys and no matter where I am in my little home, it has a "Good" (3 out of 5 bar) signal at the very least. I have even brought the laptop right up next to the router and gotten an even better signal, and still, horrendously slow speeds.

So what do any of you all figure to be the problem?

Thank you to anyone who just reads this. I appreciate any response...Just..frustrated, that's all!

I'll be more specific on the speeds..because I know I have heard Routers won't exactly give you the same speed you'd get as if you hooked it up directly..

It takes about 5-10 minutes just to load

That is the best way I can describe how painfully slow it is, because Google is probably the only website that even with Dial-Up, loads with 30 seconds or so..
hey thank you very much for the welcome there :)

To answer you in reply..I have tried to direct connect it via ethernet slot, but then when trying to go to a website, it brings up a dial-up looking window that says something along the lines of "Connect to Broadband". I click connect, and it acts as if it dials up (the connecting process) then says it can not connect and mentions a redial countdown and everything else.

Sorry that is such a vague description, I just turned it all off for the night.

I do not believe it has any type of malicious programs on it. It hasn't even got infected with the usual Pop-up Adware programs yet. As far as security goes, no, I could not afford any just yet, and I am well aware of the risks of running without any.
Have you tried a direct cable connect to the modem and rebooted? I'd like to see if it's actually the router configuration.
there's a well know issue with routers that support both B/G mode.
the issue is if you allow both modes, connect in G mode, and there's a
neighbor running in B mode, he will interfere with your connection.

set your router to G mode only,
and select a channel as far away as possible from that user
(do this ONLY with a wired connection to the router!)

How to tell?
get a copy of Netview Stumbler 0.4*

it will show all WiFi sites within range, the SSID, signal strenth, and speed
B mode users will be ~11mps and G mode will be higher
thank you all for your tips and advice..I actually took it back to where I got it just to have them see if they could diagnose the problem..and well, turns out, the wireless card was defective x_x

not really a problem I was familiar with or how I could thanks for all of your guys help!
Who could try this ...

Connect the laptop directly to your Cable Modem using patch ethernet cords and see if you can get on the internet with the laptop. If it still doesn't work then by all means take the laptop back to the store.
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