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Apr 14, 2003
  1. Hey all!

    My name is Matt and I'm from California. I saw the headlines and decided to contribute to the forums. I have used this site several times to read and get information and so far, everyone has been nice and respectful of everyone else's problems. That's a quality that is lacking in most other sites.

    Anyhow, I'm 22 and go to school in preperation to become a Respiratory Therapist/Radiology Technician. Not yet decided on one or the other...or both! I spend most of my free time playing basketball, destroying my friends' computers (hahaha), and watching sports and Seinfeld.

    Hopefully I will be able to help out a fellow forum user, but it must be a general, easy problem since my computer knowledge is limited, albeit growing everyday. My goal is to NOT become the Dell dude, but rather someone who can help out as much as possible. Thanks for reading!
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    Thanks for posting. Hello there!
  3. Nic

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    Hello Dell dude, and welcome to TechSpot. :D
  4. poertner_1274

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    There is nothing wrong with trying to expand your knowledge about computers, and not become that stupid Dell Duuuuuuuddddeeeeee. Just glad you took the plunge and joined the forums :) Cya around.
  5. dafonz187

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    Hey, im new too. I think it is great to see al these new people. Awww schucks!
  6. acidosmosis

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    Hmm.. ya dont say!!??

    Welcome to the forums!
  7. Arris

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    You know you are allowed your own thread if you want ;)
  8. ---agissi---

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    LoL @ Arris :D

    Welcome to the TS Fourms you two.
  9. JediWannabe

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    I'm also new. PLEASE HELP ME EPISODE3!

    I am new here and I have no idea of what to put in all of the fields in the profile area (such as hard disk andstuff like that.) If you look at my profile, it's in pretty sad condition. I don't know if you can help, but I would like to know what each field means. Thanks alot!;)
  10. ---agissi---

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    Humm....I spy an iMac! :dead: Heres a laydown for ya:

    Processor (cpu): Theres 2 companies that make processors for pcs. One is Intel and the other is AMD. Since you have a mac im pretty sure all macs have a "PowerPC" cpu. So you'd put PowerPC then the speed it is. Is your computer 800MHz, 1.2Ghz? The intel/amd/powerpc is the manufactor, then we normally look for the speed. If you dont know that then...:rolleyes: Im not sure how you could figure it out either being that your on a MAC. :blackeye: The CPU is like the brain of the computer, it goes all the processing (hint - processor).

    Motherboard: This is what ever thing connects to inside your computer. Heres A link to a page where you can buy my motherboard. As you can see, its got a square slot for the CPU, 3 long, narrow slots for the RAM (memory), 6 PCI slots for if say I bought a sound card, I'd open up my PC and plug it into that. Notice theres an offset looking PCI slot to the furthest right? Thats where you plug in your videocard. Its called an AGP alot instead of PCI. So the motherboard is a key essential part that everything connects to inside your computer. Open yours up some time and just take a peak around :grinthumb

    RAM (memory): Im not exactly sure how to explain this.. heres my best - Its MBs of memory for the computer to dump data off the harddrive onto. it then goes to the CPU. Its sorta like a quereing station for the CPU =\ So here you would put say "256MBs". Theres also diffrent types, some slower, some faster. I have whats called DDR. Thats double data rate ram. Its alot faster. Once again, with that iMac, Im not sure what it uses. Look at my profile to get a glimpse of what goes where.

    Cooling: Well a CPU/Processor gets really hot! So you gotta have something to cool it. Some people are really into cooling, they put huge coolers on there, or use watercooling. Making it that cold, they will then pump more voltage into it, which increases the Mhz (speed), and makes it hotter. (but with the right cooling it wont get too hot). If it does get too hot...*poof* Say bye bye to your CPU (and computer for that matter untill you get another). If you havnt bought an after market fan and put it on, you could just put "Stock".

    Videocard: Is is what would go in the AGP slot. However, some computers have them built into the motherboards. Any videocard built on the mobo is normally really bad. If its onboard, you may not have an AGP slot either. This is like a second CPU - It renders most the grapfix, and has some extra "Video RAM" built on the board. You can buy better videocards off the internet, just open your PC up, and plug it in :D (making sure that you got the proper kind to work with your computer). These also (really) affect gaming. If you want to play say Unreal Tournament 2003, with everything set to high, your going to need a pretty fast CPU/processor, and a good videocard. Heres a review you can look at. If the review as you can see, if I had that card I'd put MSI Geforce4 Ti4600 128MB[/i]. Because its a Geforce4 card, the 4600 edition, and has 128MBs of RAM on it.

    Sound Card: This is like a third cpu for processing sound. It helps out. You also plug your speakers into this. Most motherboards have it built in, but you can buy better ones off of the internet to get better quailty,etc. I dont use a sound card, my motherboard has a good one built into it.

    Hard Disks/Drive: This is a series of platters inside a box called a Hard Drive. Its what all the data is kept on for your computer. The sizes varie, you can get bigger ones, and smaller ones. People like me need to go buy another (second) one and install it. I have tons of games installed, and 30GBs isnt enough. BTW: theres 1000 megabytes (MBs) to a gigabyte (GB). Just so you sorta see the relation to the RAM and harddrive.

    Other Drives: Just label your second hard drive here if you have 2, or say Floppy Drive, Zip Disk,etc.

    Case: Just leave this blank or put the color it is.

    I hope thats an okay description of stuff...I tryed. Im sure Rick would be much better. :blush:
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