You can get Disney+ for $4 per month if you make a three-year commitment


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Disney+ is set to arrive on November 12 and cost $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, undercutting Netflix’s $9 to $16 per month plans. It sounds like a good deal, but there’s a way to get the upcoming service even cheaper, providing you move fast and don’t mind making a long-term commitment.

If you’re a member of Disney’s official D23 fan club, which includes a free tier, you can take advantage of a limited-time promotional discount and sign up to a three-year Disney+ subscription for $141. That works out at $47 per year—33 percent off the normal yearly price—or just $3.92 per month.

The offer is available to "general," "gold," or "gold family" D23 members, but only until Monday, September 2. Even if you’re not currently a member, you can sign up for the free tier now and claim the offer. So many people tried to sign up that it crashed the membership page, but it’s working again.

Signing up for three years on an unreleased product might sound risky, but it does mean a 40 percent saving over that time. With Disney+ featuring new Star Wars content including a series following a young Obi-Wan Kenobi, with Ewan McGregor reprising his role as the Jedi master, expect plenty of people to snap up the offer.

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Posts: 8   +5 thanks. I'll wait to see what content they have, subscribe if I think it's worth while, then cancel when I've watched everything I've wanted to watch after a month or 2. Same thing I do with netflix. There's no reason to pay for 12 months of the year when you can subscribe for a month, watch everything worth watching, cancel, wait another 3-6 months, rinse repeat. Greedy corp doesn't need more cash. Back in 1997 I paid $25 to get into Disneyland for a day. Now it costs ~5 times as much and the lines are still as long.
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Nope. Besides what I believe will be very limited content, I simply don't need another streaming service.


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Di$ney will have no where near the variety of content that Netflix does even after Netflix loses Di$ney content due to Di$ney's impending steaming service launch.

Offering a "deal" like this has me thinking that the pre-launch interest in Di$ney's steaming service is much less than Di$ney would like.

I'll continue to get Di$ney content that interests me from my local library.
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Agreed. This is why pirating exists. If you're going to be greedy, don't be surprised if people stop paying. Nobody wants to pay monthly for multiple streaming services just to be able to watch their shows.
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My question would be why? their two big draws are Star Wars, which they have been torpedoing at every possible opportunity, and Marvel, whose movies are available for free at the local library.

We already have enough streaming services and monthly subscriptions. People are getting burnt out on monthly fees to access their entertainment, as this thread seems to show.
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Why? There's very little content at launch, more at the end of next year and most of it two years away.

I'll take the great deal of waiting for the service to have all the content, trial it or buy it for a month and binge what I want to see.

$7 for a complete experience in a couple of years > 3 years with not much to see for the first two years.

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I'm guessing that Disney must not have gotten the memo ..... NO MORE CONTRACTS!
So for them I have a special message - NO SALE!
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I got excited for a sec, but then realized this isnt their streaming service, just some shitty youtube stuff.
No thank you...


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This is a dumb article.
"it’s also cheaper than rival Netflix" <= Seriously? You're going compare Disney+ to Netflix? Hilarious. They're not even in the same league.


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Offering a "deal" like this has me thinking that the pre-launch interest in Di$ney's steaming service is much less than Di$ney would like.
This is why you can get the service for cheap if you let them lock you into a 3 year contract. They know people will get bored of the service after a month or two when they realize how limited the content is compared to Netflix.

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Already paying for Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO. It's getting too expensive to have all these streaming services.

The only good thing might be Netflix lowering its monthly fees due to the added competition.

Disney+ can probably put all the Disney Channel crap they have ever made, Star Wars and Marvel movies and series. But is so much less than the others that got in their pool of content all the other producers.

And of course there is piracy which is almost 0 cost for sticking it to a greedy company. I mean they made just from the last Avenger movie 2 billion dollars in revenue, without the merchandising - which usually is about the amount but much much more profitable. How much more do you want?