Your Data That Microsoft May Share With Publishers



So, it's not just the search engines and social sites that are using your personal data! has disclosed that Microsoft Xbox is careless with:

  • limited Microsoft account data such as country and age range;
  • Xbox profile data such as user id, gamer tag, gamer profile, and avatars;
  • data about your game play or app session, including achievements unlocked, time spent in the game or app, presence, game statistics and rankings, and enforcement activity about you in the game or app;
  • social data, including club memberships; friends, other users you have played with, and information about your interactions and communications;
  • data about the game or app's performance on the console, including error reports;
  • content you create, upload or share in the game, app, or within Xbox Live;
  • other data, like gamer pics and real name, that you choose to share based on your settings or by providing additional consent.



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If you gave permission on your xbox console to let things happen with your personal data.
There is pretty much nothing you can do about it, if certain apps or browsers show ads based on your recent activitys.
Thats pretty much normal as they getting your cookie cache to offer you junk from their affliates.
Ads shouldn't show your gamer tag unless you use it alot elsewhere on the web.
Thats how most crazy coots sending ads will get that until they figure out your real name if you exposed that as well.