Your Kind Help is required to search WinXp drivers for my below stated Hardwares.

By sahebak
Aug 27, 2006
  1. Dear Global Friends.
    I am a young AFGHAN Refugee, Now-a-days staying in Pakistan.I learned here about Computer literacy, Hardwwares Etc. Etc.
    A Pakistani Gentleman donated me a Pent3 computer. Its motherboard is Xcel2000. Doner was using Win98 OS. With the help of this machine, Now I am free teaching other Young Afghan Refugees about computer useage etc. I switched OS from Win98 to WinXp. It need the WinXp drivers for its Sound Card (C-madia CM18738 3D) & Modem (PC Tel HSP56 Micro Modem DAA Module). I tried my best to download WinXp Drivers. Failed. I used different userforms. All of them forwarded me to For downloading there, asked first to register & then pay US$. We are refugees & unable to pay.I am very POOR. I need readers help now. Any one having the WinXp drivers for above stated Sound card & Modem, Please send these to me on my eMail address written below. If it is available free any where on the net, then please pass me its link. We, the Afghan Refugees, will be much thankful to you for your Kindness.
    Sorry for my poor English language.
    Sahebak Khan.
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  3. sahebak

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    Thanks a lot.

    Dear Sir,
    I downloaded both drivers. Updated my machine. Its working fine.
    Thanks a lot for your kindness.
    Sahebak Khan.
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