YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips terminated after it was hacked to show crypto-scam videos

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I notice most people that become famous too fast don't last that long and some just end up destroying their fame and even going out with a "bang." I bet if he sold muffler bearings or headlight washer fluid some of them will actually buy it.

I know this is a little random but did anyone sadly hear about what happened to that 1990's famous Disney girl Amanda Bynes like 2 days ago?
Yes, I heard about Bynes. That ****-show has been going on for years. She has issues, not that I am criticizing her for them, it's mental illness and that can happen to anyone.


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That explains why I had a "Tesla" channel on my account....

I wonder if this is an inside job, or their security unfortunately had a hole in it...
I heard it was social engineering. Someone internally gave up the passwords. Unconfirmed, but probably the most likely scenario.


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I heard it was social engineering. Someone internally gave up the passwords. Unconfirmed, but probably the most likely scenario.
Posted this early in the morning for me. By inside job, I also meant someone leaking it from the inside "accidentally".

I do think that is most likely too.


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This guy should be banned from the whole internet.
Trying to scam people by selling a backpack for 600 bucks.
Not honoring his warranty
Trying to sell a screwdriver I can buy on Amazon for 6 bucks, and he trying to charge 30
Sell out
Corporate scum bag, period

The backpack wasn't $600. So not sure what kind of nonsense you're on. The screwdriver was $70, and it's been reviewed by independent researchers to be worth that price. Try to buy a high quality hiking backpack, see how much it costs you....


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This guy YT channel getting hacked brings more concerns about Google's accounts security. Someone from LMG should have received the e-mails with "login from x" and acted. Or just being ignored like we all do with automatic messages. But 2FA bypassed or tricked is more worrying to me. More or less we all use G-Auth for something.


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He (Linus) is definitely not a scammer trying to sell you his wares. You don’t have to buy them and nobody is forcing you to buy them either.

Some of his recent content is frankly speaking…. a bit boring and too random for my tastes. But I still had him subscribed as he does have good video once a week or so.


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I hope Linus can recover at least his recent videos, though for me the thumbnail hype has always been too repellent. TechSpot has tweaked him nicely on that here.

I avoid smart-phone 2FA as it's dogmeat for a SIM-swap attack.... I recommend following "Krebs on Security" who has made a point of this.

And for those not invested in crypto, fresh schadenfreude is available almost daily on Molly White's excellent "Web3 Is Going Just Great" blog. Apparently there are still some folks who haven't been robbed.
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