ZA password re-set

By Toolman35
Dec 31, 2005
  1. I have been using ZA now for a couple years and downloaded the lastest version 2 nights ago. When I went through the setup process I decided to add a password. I use passwords on most things I have and only use a couple to keep it simple. The problem is neither password works now. There has to be something wrong because I had to type it a couple time to set it up. I have the privacy adviser advising headers and third party cookies while this is not a huge issue it is still anmoying to have that little box pop up every time I go to a page sometimes several times. So my hope is that there is a way to reset it of uninstall it and set it up again without the password. I have tried severl possibilities due to fat fingering but nothing works.
    I sure hope this is possible
    P.S. ZA is ver. 4.5
  2. Tedster

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    upgrading Zonealarm may force you to BUY the latest version. This happened to me before. I since dropped it and use a router as a firewall and windows XP firewall.
  3. Toolman35

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    That was the problem. I updated it then set a password to it. I don't know why I raelly have no need for one. I can't even uninstall it without the password. I disabled it in the startup process but then I couldn't even log onto the internet. I have DSL. Should have left well enough alone.
  4. vhunter

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    Hope this helps: link
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