Zelda "Ocarina of time Rumors"

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May 4, 2002
  1. I posted A new thread a few hours ago.. Well.. the question was the same thing but about a different game, the thing is that 3 years ago.. I think.. I saw some rumors about Zelda.. you know.. getting the triforce and that kind of thing, my question is.. Is this a lie too?
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    What rumor are you refering too? There were several about that game, some true, some not true. If you can elaborate, I may be able to help you out.
  3. androb

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    many rumors?

    A lot rumors, can you tell me all the rumors you know?
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    There is supposed to be a 50lb fish in the pond, there is supposed to be a special lure somewhere around the pond. The lure is real and makes it easier to catch larger fish but I have yet to get the 50 pounder(I suspect there isn't one). The larges fish I've heard of anyone catching is 35lbs(the Hylian Loach) It is very elusive, I've never seen it but several people swear they have and some say they have caught it, the rumor is that the fisherman will give you fifty rupies for it then he releases it because it is rare.

    Most any rumor about obtaining the triforce is a lie, the triforce is split into three parts, Link have one piece, Gandorf has one and Zelda has one. The pieces are embedded in their arms.

    There are references to other Nintendo games throughout the game, in one of the temples, I think, there is a picture of Mario hanging on the wall. It serves no purpose though.

    It is true that there is a place where you can walk partially through a wall and get stuck, I think it is in one of the rooms where you have to use the lense of truth.

    It is also true that you can play several theme songs such as "the Simpsons" I don't remember the sequence, it doesn't do anything, it is just kinda neat.

    That is the only ones I remember, let me look and see if I still have the url for a site that has several of them, I'll post it if it still works.
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    This page has several walkthroughs and some secrets at the bottom of the page, I don't know if they are all varified but I saw some I haven't tried, but I will tonight. The page is here

    Here is a list of some things that CAN be done in the game.

    If you hit a cucco continually for about 5 to 6 times then it will
    call for its friends to come and attack you. And they will probably kill you.

    As an adult, ride into Lon Lon Ranch while riding Epona. Their are
    three separate concrete walls one on the left, one on the right, and one at the south end. If you get a running start you can leap over each of the walls. You get to see a cool cut scene for each one.

    While your looking at the pictures in the castle courtyard, if you
    look through another window you will see a potted plant. Shoot the plant with your slingshot, and a man with throw a bomb out the window, and yell at you.

    If you put on any of the Link's masks as a child and then go to pull the Master Sword from the Temple of Time, you will see the cutscene of Link pulling it, but this time he will be wearing the mask.

    At the fishing pond, you can actually snag the fisherman's hat. It
    may take awhile to get the aiming right, but you can get it. He gwets mad though and if you throw it into the pond it will cost you 50 rupies.

    You can have a lot of fun with Gossip Stones. If you plant a bomb
    by it, it will blast off into space. If you hit it with the Megaton
    Hammer, it will flatten and then pop up. Use Din's Fire on it and it
    will get tall. Play Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, or Saria's Song, and it will give you fairies. Hit with your sword and it will tell you the time. Wear the Mask of Truth and talk to them and they will tell you some gossip. Hit it with a boomerang and it will giggle.

    If you talk to the Fisherman after you get the sinking lure, and
    choose, "Lets talk about something else" he will say something and then he will make the Sinking Lure legal to use.

    That is just a few, for some reason it keeps giving me an error about too many images (I don't got no images) when I try to post the rest, maybe it will work this time.
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    Zelda is one of the best games ever though i didnt really get on with Zelda2. To much messing about. Though ive seen pictures of Gamecube zelda which look kinda the same but with Manga sorta eyes. I just hope Zelda is good cause thats the only reason i would get a Gamecube.

    And the fishing was cool. Espically that u could fish night to day and it would rain. God this makes me wanna get my N64 out.
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    I haven't seen any pics of Zelda for the Cube, I do have Majora's Mask and I'm not too impressed with it, I hate the time limit, although the game wouldn't be very hard if not for that three day limit
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  9. StormBringer

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    Look closely at the pics on that page androb, they are fakes, notice the lense flare on the triforce in one of the pics, definite photoshop, also there is one with Links sword on the wrong side. Many of them are pointed out as being fake, I would be willing to bet they all are. I also noticed that some of them have full hearts, all the sage tokens, and NO magic. Some of them cleverly put a band around the top and bottom so you don't see that part.

    Even if some are real, it is the Japanese version which has been known to be different in many ways.
  10. androb

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  11. StormBringer

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    Just one more thing, the whole "triforce" rumor intrigued me until I beat the game. Once I beat the game I got to thinking, if you could obtain the triforce in the game then how the heck did it get split in three parts and become embedded in their hands? Also, wouldn't that bring an end to the game right then because the triforce is supposed to grant the wish of the one who touches it.
    Just my opinion though.

    This page run by Video GamerX has a very in depth quest to find the truth about the triforce, though in the end he has concluded that there is no obtainable triforce, but it is kind of funny to read some of the ways people have claimed it can be found.
  12. Tweakster

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    Dam how do i get horse in 2nd Zelda i forgot about how good that game is!

    I do remember on First Zelda u could get behind castle!
    Before the castle is destroyed and all is still green go to left wall
    next to fairy enterence and walk up the bit where the two walls touch its a slope.
  13. StormBringer

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    To get Epona, enter Romani Ranch, then talk to Romani (the little girl) and learn Epona's Song from her. Now, when you play the Song of Time, you'll still have the song in your memory. Play it to call Epona. NOTE: You can only get Epona on the first day before 6 pm.
  14. androb

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