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Nov 12, 2007
  1. I installed zonealarm on my desktop. When I used my wireless laptop i was no longer able to access video hockey game reviews on Also had problems with where game reviews were blocked. However, my desktop still worked ok on these sites. I noticed when i clicked on these sites on my desktop i could see something about doubleclick just before it came on. This was not seen on my laptop. My laptop just seemed to be trying to access the page with no result. Apparently doubleclick is a adware that is blocked. How can I fix this?? I uninstalled zonealarm on my desktop but the problem is still there.
  2. Bobbye

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    You don't want the doubleclick tracking Cookies on your computer. It should be blocked. you should not have to allow it to access a site. If you do, you should stay away from the site.

    The site requires Flash. It's possible you don't have this enabled. If you're using IE, please check this:
    Open IE> Tools> Manage Add-ons>>> two sections are available: 1. Add-ons currently loaded and 2. Add-ons previously used. Use the small arrow point to the right of the dialog box to check both sections for 'flash object'> click to highlight> Enable> OK

    Check you Cookie handling also:
    Tools> Internet Options> Privacy Tab> Advanced button> check 'override automatic Cookie handling'> check 'Accept first party Cookies'> check' Prompt for third party Cookies'> OK> Apply> OK.

    Check these settings in IE Internet Options> Advanced tab> Multimedia section> check all of the followin> Play Animation. Play Sounds and Play Video> Apply> OK.

    Let me know if this allows you to bring up the functions you want on both sites.
  3. tcbrb46

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    Thanks. I tried your suggestions and still cannot access the site for>Video Highlights as I once could on both my wireless laptops at home. However, my old desktop at home still works. I did notice when I clicked on Video Highlights it started to run and just before it came on I saw at the bottom of the page something about "advertisement" just before it said done and activated. Something is blocking a part of this site, same as web page.
  4. Bobbye

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    Which browser and version are you using? You have indicated that the problem appeared after you uninstalled Zone Alarm on your laptop. Is that correct. Did the site work before you did that? Why did you uninstall Zone Alarm- were having this problem-or another problem- and thought ZA was the cause?

    Have you tried doing a System restore to date before the problem began? It's tough to troubleshoot with no information about your system- browser or OS.
  5. tcbrb46

    tcbrb46 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 74

    zonealarm trouble

    The problem started after I installed zonealarm on my desktop. I have two wireless laptops in the house connected through my desktop. I uninstalled zonealarm hoping that I could again play video highlights again on This did not change anything. Apparently zonealarm changed, blocked, or deleted something that prevents streaming media on some sites.
  6. Bobbye

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    OK, thanks. Please do a System Restore to date right before problem began:

    All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore> click on 'restore my computer to an earlier time'> choose one of the dates on the left in bold print- choose closest date to before ZA install> Next> let the process complete.

    You also need to make sure that ZA is fully uninstalled and nothing is running. Did you use the ZA Uninstall with the program if one, or uninstall through Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel?

    Did you do search in system for any 'left over' ZA files? Did you go to the Start up menu using msconfig to make sure there are no remaining ZA processes running?

    Start> Run> type in 'msconfig-without the quotes> Enter> Selective Start-up> Startup tab> uncheck any ZA processes- one of them is True Vector> Apply> OK> Reboot.

    Close out the nag message that comes up after checking 'don't show this message again.'

    Let me know if this restores the former videos.
  7. tcbrb46

    tcbrb46 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 74

    Thanks for the messages. I am trying each suggestion. However, I will be at deer camp this week and I don't have internet access. My response will be slow or late until next week. I appreciate all the help and I am trying all suggestions. See you soon.
  8. Fragrant Coit

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    look at Zone Alarms logs- in particular the OS Firewall and Programs & see if it is blocking it. Then you can create a rule, or give that program full access.

    That said, I run Zone Alarm Int Security Suite 7.0337, and visited the NHL site using FireFox OK.
    My Firewall is on Medium & I don't have any Toolbars etc {many have Pop Up Blockers}.
  9. tcbrb46

    tcbrb46 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 74

    zonealarm trouble

    I have tried all suggestions up to this point as to why I can no longer play videos on and I uninstalled zonealarm and still have the same problem. These sites work fine except videos hang up. Zonealarm was uninstalled via control panel. These site videos work fine on my desktop where Zonealarm was installed but not on my two wireless laptops. The laptops worked fine prior to installing Zonealarm. Thanks for all the input and suggestions.
  10. Bobbye

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    I've given you several places to check settings, but the problem is still pointing at a setting. Please make use of the Event Viewer and look for Errors logged at the same time the video fails:

    Follow this path:
    Control Panel Administrative Tools> Event Viewer> Click on System & Apps, one at a time on the left> look for Errors on the right> right click error> Properties> note description of error, Event# and Source.

    There is a "copy" button below the up/down arrows. Click that, then go to any place that allows you to type (ie. notepad, wordpad, this board) and you can paste (use CTRL-V) the entire event details there. It makes for easy reporting of the event.

    If you want to paste the Event here, you do not need to include the lines of code that follow the Description- but paste all else. You will be looking for Error that occurs at the time of the problem. Please ignore Warnings.

    We'll see if this will point to a cause. Please follow my copy instructions for the Error.
  11. torrint

    torrint TS Rookie

    ive had major problems with zone alarm constantly updating on i uninstalled it and went with panda.......all is well now-----just my alarm is a waste of money----i threw mine in the trash can after only 2 months
  12. tcbrb46

    tcbrb46 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 74

    zonealarm trouble

    I found the problem. Spybot was installed on my desktop and both laptops around the time zonealarm was installed. I new something was blocking certain website videos but didn't know the cause. First I eliminated zonealarm and no change, then I decided to dump spybot. Low and behold all is well again. While the problem was not zonealarm I have had problems in the past with the program that indicated to me that this was the source of the disruption. Thanks to all for your suggestions they all make you think a little harder.
  13. Bobbye

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    Some people who use Spybot Search & Destroy don't realize the options for settings. they are on the left side of the Search screen. I doubt it was the program itself, but rather likely some misconfiguration.

    It's a good program. I've had it on 2 systems for several years,
  14. tcbrb46

    tcbrb46 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 74

    zonealarm trouble

    I too like Spybot I have had it before and this was the only problem I had with it. I guess I don't understand the setting for a particular ad that is used by two sites I regularly log on to. Until now I didn't realize that this was where the problem was. Sometimes you go off in the wrong direction when trying to figure out computer problems. Everytime I ran Spybot there were several items that I trashed. Most were cookies from doubleclick and the likes.
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