Zonealarm uninstall/removal problem. Big problem.

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Sep 4, 2007
  1. Hello folks, I seem to have a problem with getting rid of zonealarm. I want to uninstall it and get a newer version of the same program, as this one is out of date, but I can't get rid of the stupid program. Here's what happens:

    Uninstall leads to a miraid of errors, after zonealarm asks me if I really want to uninstall. After all the messages are clicked through I can't start any applications or access any drives, nor can I shut of my computer. It's dead except for the mouse cursor, which looks like it's working but clicking doesn't do anything. No task manager, no nothing. (this also happens if I close zonealarm!!)

    Removing the folders/files doesn't work, they are read only and I can't change it (it just changes back). Uninstall with Ccleaner has the same result as above.

    Updating or reinstalling zonealarm just gives me error messages saying it can't find a .dll file or results in my computer hanging like above.

    I can't even remove the zonealarm registry files.

    I now suspect that zonealarm is responsible for the incredibly slow shutdown time of my PC, and I want to get rid of it so I can reinstall a decent version of it (as I'm quite happy with how zonealarm works).

    Now I'm no wizkid, so I really do need help with this. And could you guys please keep it a little simple? Thanks in advance! Cal.

    PS: Need any scan results or anything? I doubt it'll help, but I can do some HJT scans or something.
  2. BlameCanada

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    The full manual removal instructions are HERE Then run a good registry cleaner like RegscrubXP.

    You might have to go in to Safe Mode to do the manual uninstall.

    Make sure you don`t go online without at least the XP firewall running.
  3. raybay

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    Go to add and remove while in Safe Mode. You will then get the Zone Alarm uninstall tool
  4. caladaidoomblad

    caladaidoomblad TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks to the both of you. Both were suggestions that really helped me out, and I think (and hope) that zonealarm and bloody truevector are gone now, or at least not doing anything.

  5. MzPrecious

    MzPrecious TS Rookie

    how can I get this silly mess off my laptop I can't seem to remove it and every time I cut my laptop on it have Zone alarm security alert on it so could some one please help me get it off my laptop
  6. mflynn

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  7. Bobbye

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    Something to keep in mind for the future:
    Stop Startup for uninstall:
    This is especially true for security programs. They run to keep you safe and one thing some malware does is turn them off.
  8. Tedster

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    I see people have problems with ZA all the time here on TS. I've used it for a small time in the distant past, but I never really saw the advantage it brought. I don't use it at all now. (mostly because my systems are old and I don't see the benefit of ZA.)

    Nowadays, anti-virus programs are getting rather sophisticated and I don't really see the use for this firewall anymore.
  9. Bobbye

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    I used the paid ZoneAlarm firewall for years with no problems at all. I only uninstalled it after I got a router for security. I ran ZA for 3 months after setting up the router and did not get a single hit- my system was invisible on the internet. IT did an excellent job of protecting me.

    I have seen though, over the years, as companies get bigger and add more to programs that have previously performed well, problems can begin to develop.

    Another instance> I had a problem setting up a new ISP. Their tech came out, said ZA was the problem, took my computer in and made the biggest mess I've even had to deal with! I out ZA back on-that was never the problem. I had a bad CD to load the software.

    So you see, sometimes programs get bad raps! Like everything else in life, it's almost always in the 'eyes of the beholder' or in this case, the 'hands of the user'!
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