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Dec 7, 2006
  1. Hi all,
    I am having problems with a zoostorm athlon 64 3200+ pc. It will not start. The screen comes on but when you press the power button on the pc the screen goes into standby mode. When i hold in the reset button the CPU fan picks up to its normal speed but when i release the button the fan still runs but very slow. I am wondering whether it is the motherboard or hard drive failure. It has a ECS RS482-M Motherboard and a Maxtor Diamond Max 10 160gb Sata 150 HDD. I hope someone can help as this computer belongs to my neice who has all her exam work on it. thanks
  2. MarcFOnline

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    This may sound ridiculous, but in one of my former jobs working tech-support at a moderately large company, you wouldn't believe how many computers I came across that had those exact symptoms... and the solution was replacing the power cord. Apparently the cords for a bunch of the systems came from the lowest bidder and were complete trash. They were allowing some electricity to reach the computer, but not enough to actually run the system.

    Anyways, that may or may not be the problem in this case, but it's worth a try.
  3. frankfrew

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    thanks for your reply. Do you meen the power cable to the base unit or the power cables from the power unit inside?.
  4. MarcFOnline

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    It was the power cable from the computer's case (the main unit) to the wall/surge protector. Definitely a case where the solution was way simpler than I was making it out to be... :)
  5. frankfrew

    frankfrew TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks have tried that but to no avail. PC NEXTDAY reckon it needs a new motherboard, which i think after 14 months is bloody ridiculous, but i have ordered one anyway
  6. MarcFOnline

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    Yeah, I was afraid it would be something more serious... there wasn't much of a shot with the power cable thing, but I figured if it WAS that, wouldn't it be nice? :)

    Anyways, it unfortunately does sound like a fried motherboard. Do you ever see anything on the monitor, or does it go into standby mode without any text ever showing up? Also, does the computer beep at all when you turn it on?

    If you're not getting any of that, then yeah, it sounds like it's like my old Celeron system. The processor fan died on that system, and the system didn't shut itself down soon enough when the heat reached critical levels. The system was about four years old at that point, but I know it definitely could have lasted much longer...
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