zv5000 laptop shuts down right after startup, on a/c or battery

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May 2, 2006
  1. Greetings to everyone.

    I recently took an HP zv5000 laptop from a friend to help repair an issue they are having.

    A couple months or so ago, the aging 14.8 volt 6.0Ahr HP battery was replaced with a new 14.8v 6.6Ahr unit. About a month afterwards, the unit began shutting down right after turning it on.

    On A/C power only w/ no battery, the unit does not power on but instead a faint clicking noise accompanied by a very faint high pitch is heard from the area of the a/c jack/cooling fans. The LEDs blink dimly with this noise.

    On battery power only w/ no a/c, the unit turns on long enough to engage both cooling fans, blink the LEDs, then shut down. The faint clicking is not heard.

    On battery + a/c power, the unit usually turns on long enough to display the HP logo, activate the usual LEDs, engage fans, and then shut down. Again, the unusual clicking sound is not heard.

    From my recent research into the problem I have checked the A/C jack for melted solder points, tried with both the old and new battery (I think both are now discharged - I have no options regarding this), removed the hard drive & tried with no difference, and looked for debris buildup near heatsinks, cooling ducts, and fans. I've also verified the PSU by plugging it into a compaq laptop with similar voltage input specs, it worked.

    While the information I have gathered in the last few days seems to indicate the issue is on the mainboard itself at this point, I would still like to determine the problem as much as possible. I am capable of replacing the motherboard, but I want to prevent the same issue from reoccuring.

    Is it true that a larger capacity battery places greater load on the power supply? If so, is it possible that this greater load while charging in conjunction with using the laptop might have strained any voltage regulators found in the power circuits of the mainboard?

    I greatly appreciate any insight you can provide me with on this issue;

  2. Eric Legge

    Eric Legge TS Rookie Posts: 132

    Is the new battery meant to be used with that model of laptop?

    You should only use a battery that is specifically designed for a particular model.

    Unless you have experience with the workings of such a laptop - each make and model has its own design - it looks to me as if you should send it in to HP for repairs.
  3. quantikev

    quantikev TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for your reply Eric.

    The old battery was an HSTNN-IB03, 14.8v 6.0Ahr. The new one is HSTNN-IB04, 14.8v 6.6Ahr.

    Judging from the HP online PDF Manual & the small amount of information I was able to acquire from their tech support, this battery is correct.

    Based on another suggestion, I have also now tried removing the ram from each slot one at a time & booting. Results were the same.

    It seems logical that the clicking is coming from the component which is bad. I don't believe there are any relays; could a voltage regulator make this sound?

    Unfortunately outside repair is not an option, therefore I appreciated anything you can contribute.

    Thanks again;
  4. cuegt

    cuegt TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Try another psu?

    The only time i had a problem like that was when i took apart a Dell laptop and started it up without the psu, but seeing that u checked the psu already i'm not sure but maybe try another psu just in case. I'm just winging it here, but just thought any advice would help.
  5. quantikev

    quantikev TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cuegt; thanks for the input, anything is appreciated really.

    The best I was able to do was test it on another laptop.. older compaq model with equivalent input specs & it booted. Obviously w/o battery.

    I am pretty certain its on the mainboard, I am just hoping to learn enough about the cause to rule out external factors... then I can replace the motherboard & expect it to last more than 5 minutes.
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