There are multiple ways to be notified, and many applications come with Growl support. Growl is an easy way to display notifications and can be used multiple different ways easily.

What can I say in this short amount of space to convey what Growl is about? I could say "Growl is awesome!", but that won't mean much. I could say that it is really easy to use, implement, and support, but that probably wouldn't mean much either.

The honest truth is there is not going to be much here to say without telling you to just go try it. If you are someone looking to start using Growl, then definitely head on over to the downloads page. Once you have Growl installed, you may want to take a look at the list of applications which already use Growl in some way. If you don't see your favorite application there, then contact the group responsible for that application and maybe you'll see it on the list soon. Learn more.