• same application of only 300k for MyX and Zapp accounts.
  • use it to download localy the program for Romanian televisions.
  • phonebook with easy access (mouse wheel).
  • automatically converts names from the phonebook in numbers when sending.
  • scheduler - set Remote SMS to send messages whenever you want specifing phone number, network operator, account name and a file that contains the message.
  • account manager - if you have more than one account it is easy to select another.
  • encrypted passwords.
  • option to export / import settings.
  • if you press the Remember User and Pass button, the username and password will be automatically set next time your open Remote SMS.
  • option to save a log with the date, the network used to send the message, the phonenumber and the messagte.
  • params passing - you can set Remote SMS to launch at an Windows event (with the help of other 3rd party applications - ex: Windows Task Scheduler, Automate, Girder, etc). You need to launch Remote SMS like this: "remotesms.exe -s ". Replace the -s parameter is to send messages through SMS.ac, replace it with -m for MyX and -z for Zapp. Warning! You must save the username and password and set MyX, Zapp or SMS.ac mode in the last session of the program. Remote SMS will access the information and will send them automatically then it will close.
  • the settings tab has many options: auto input the last phonenumber used, auto paste when selecting the account in the account manager, autopaste when the phonenumber is selected in the phonebook, hiding the inactiv network tabs, show the number of free SMSs left (MyX only), uppercase after ",",".",";","?","!".
  • minimize to taskbar with balloon tooltips to keep you inform on the progress.
  • alpha blending combined with stay on top to observe the progress when sending SMSes.
  • autoupdate if new versions are released.
  • multilanguage support (English and Romanian).

Message specific features: Learn more.