MixSense 1.0.1

Professional DJ studio in your computer.


Quick Facts

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mixSense DJ Studio is software for digital DJ's that demand the best DJ experience possible from their PC's. Using the latest technology combined with years of audio software engineering experience, mixSense is the ideal DJ application for LIVE performances.

One of mixSense's finest aspects is the fact that it is zero latency with almost any sound card. What does this mean? Latency is a common problem which refers to the overall time delay between the users initial input (eg. mouse click), and the actual response of the software. Almost all audio applications have a minimum latency of 20 - 100 milliseconds since the software has to 'buffer' the audio data for processing before actually playing it. 20 milliseconds may sound minor, but when beatmixing is concerned, 20 milliseconds delay can throw a mix out of sync. Why would you risk that? mixSense removes this common flaw by sending the audio data directly to the soundcard without any audio buffering and without sacrificing any major features.

MixSense features:

- Auto Beat Matching
- Auto Beat Counting
- Auto Mixing
- Variable Pitch Range from +/- 1% to +/- 95%
- 10 Cue Points
- 10 Cue Out Trigger Points
- Audio Effects such as Tap Delay, Reverb, Flange
- Waveform Display for Accurate Cue Point Setting
- Multiple Sound Card Support
- Built-in CD Ripper