SPAM (email messages you didn't ask for and don't want but got them anyway) has turned into a real plague of the XXI century. Complex and expensive e-mail clients now include spam-protection systems. These intelligent robots help users automatically filter their mail.

Does this mean that you must forget about your good old free Outlook Express? Fortunately, no! Outlook Express functionality can be extended with third-party plug-ins and add-ons.

SpamBrave from Digital Turtlets is a plug-in that adds intelligent spam filtering to your Outlook Express. You don't need to install a stand-alone program. SpamBrave controls are available right in Outlook Express. After installing SpamBrave, you will notice a new Outlook Express toolbar. Using this toolbar, you can train SpamBrave on what is and is not spam. Simply click on the appropriate button and SpamBrave learns.

SpamBrave uses an intelligent Bayesian algorithm. It analyses e-mail messages using a large number of parameters and memorizes statistical data. After a few days of training, it will filter more than 90% of unwanted messages. One of the benefits of using a Bayesian filter is that it evolves with the spam. When a spammer invents a new trick, all you have to do is to tell SpamBrave "It's spam!" and it will automatically find a way to stop messages like that.

The better your spam filters get, the less likely you'll be to notice a non-spam message sitting in your spam folder. There are always some innocent messages that get mistakenly identified as spam. They're also called "false positives". It's a downside of using a good spam filter. Sometimes missing legitimate mail is worse than receiving spam. Unlike its simpler analogs, SpamBrave in addition to tagging messages as "Spam/Not Spam", also uses the "Unsure" folder. This significantly minimizes the risk of missing a false positive.

What's New:

- Extended mode for "Not Spam" button
- Minor bug fixes