pcInternet Patrol 3.2.1

This firewall is fully automated and is easy to use.


Quick Facts

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pcInternet Patrol detects more applications and components than any personal firewall and verifies their intended function without asking a single question.

pcInternet Patrolâ„¢ will pick it up where the Anti-Virus and Firewall fail. It will detect new and unknown malicious programs even if it exists in a single copy on a single computer.

pcInternet Patrolâ„¢ is a unique real-time program authentication system driven by patent-pending technology and human intelligence. You will have no rules to set, no security classes to attend, just straightforward "honest to goodness" protection 24/7.

You will also be able to see how many times a day your computer is scanned and who is doing it, along with their IP address. Although some may just be playing around, many of these individuals could be looking for possible entry into your computer.

It will allow only safe (authenticated) programs to operate and therefore, you will be automatically protected against both known and unknown malicious programs.

With one right-click on the spinning icon in the system tray (lower right hand corner of your screen located by the time) you will be able to see all the active programs and their modules on your computer and whether they are safe to use or not.