CounterSpy 4.0.3904

Remove Spyware Fast with Top-Rated CounterSpy.


Quick Facts

14.5 MB
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Completely Rebuilt with a Revolutionary New Design
More powerful and effective than ever, CounterSpy's award-winning spyware detection and removal is now merged with our all-new VIPRE™ antimalware technology to create the industry's first hybrid antispyware engine.

Get Rid of Spyware without Losing PC Performance
Older, first generation antispyware products can take forever to scan for malware and cripple PC performance. You may have tolerated these problems in the past, because you didn’t have a choice, but now you do.

CounterSpy V2 is light on system resources, proving that robust spyware protection does not have to bog down your PC.

Groundbreaking Technology
Now, the most menacing spyware, rootkits, and blended malware threats now have no place to hide! CounterSpy V2’s revolutionary new design offers faster, more effective spyware scans and lightweight real-time protection that removes even the deepest rooted malware from your PC.

Advantages of CounterSpy V2

* Heavy-duty antispyware protection treads lightly on system resources.
* Kernel-level active protection.
* Hybrid design combines antimalware technology with our award-winning spyware detection and removal.
* Deep-rooted malware is exterminated at boot time, before Windows loads.
* Incremental definition updates greatly reduce update downloading time.
* Vista compatible: Integrates seamlessly with the Vista Windows Security Center.