VitaminSEE is an image viewer for OSX that focuses on interface responsiveness and speed. It offers a clean interface and fast load times. VitaminSEE will automatically thumbnail your images, optionally saving them with the files.


* VitaminSEE is quick. I've strived to make this the fastest image viewer available for the Mac.
* VitaminSEE automatically thumbnails your images. These thumbnails are used not only by VitaminSEE, but also by the Finder.
* VitaminSEE allows you to quickly organize your pictures into different directories with it's integrated Sort Manager.
* VitaminSEE allows you to tag your pictures with keywords.

What's New:

* When I upgraded to IconFamily 0.9.1, I forgot to port my changes that would restore a file's modification date. Fix this so building a thumbnail of a file does set the modification date.
* Back/Forward will now focus on the file/folder you were on previously, instead of always starting at the beginning of the list.