FontHit Font Tools 0.2.4

View, preview, install, uninstall, print in color, customize size and text of the previews, browse your hard drive and view fonts.


Quick Facts

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FontHit Font Tools 0.2.4 Features:

1. Support for *.otf, *.ttf true type font formats, and most *.fon files.
2. View installed fonts.
3. Preview supported files before installing.
4. Uninstall installed fonts to a backup folder, for ability to reinstall them later.
5. Browse your computer and install with one click.
6. Alternatively, use drag-'n-drop capability to add font files and folders or .zip files with fonts in them for viewing/previewing and installation/uninstallation.
7. Preview a custom text, for example most of the font's characters.
8. Print all or selected font previews.