It is designed to supplement IfoEdit.

Among other things, IfoEdit allows you to modify the commands associated with PGCs (Program Chains). On this precise point however, it suffers from many limitations: it knows only some of the 41 existing commands, manages only some of the parameters of these commands, does not allow to create structured programs with conditions, branches etc... Moreover, it is very difficult to have an overall vision of all the commands of the DVD, because those are disseminated at various places in the DVD, among large amounts of other data.

I wrote PgcEdit to supplement IfoEdit. PgcEdit is a program much more limited than IfoEdit: it only enables editing the commands and modifying certain parameters of PGCs (Program Chains). On the other hand, it does not have the same limitations as IfoEdit: it allows one to edit all the commands with all their parameters, without other limitations than those imposed by the standard, and the philosophy of PgcEdit offers a better overall picture of the programming of the DVD. I have also added some functions as a bonus.

What's New:

Version history

A. = Added feature
R. = Removed
E. = Enhancement
F. = Fixed bug
W. = Workaround

8.6 (January 12, 2008)
A. DVD -> Clear Jumps to Void PGCs, to replace the pre/post/cell commands
jumping to void PGCs by NOPs and to clear the Prev/Next/GoUpPGCN links to
void PGCs. Handy to improve the efficiency of Delete Uncalled PGCs and to
remove automatically all references to a PGC if you make it void before.
E. PGC Editor -> Del Angles: Since it is possible to keep several angles with
FixVTS or VobBlanker, it is now possible to leave several angles in place.
Previously, it was necessary to delete all angles but one.
E. PgcEditor -> Import CLUT: It is now possible to import the colors defined
in Scenarist .SST files. The colors that are not defined are not modified.
E. When deleting a PGC of a non-sequential Title and that deleted PGC is not
a dummy and has chapters, the deleted chapters were always remapped to
some remaining programs. Now, the chapters are completely deleted when
they are the last chapters of the title. They are still remapped when
they are necessary to fill gaps in the chapter table.
E. Delete uncalled PGCs: Now, when a Title PGC cannot be deleted because the
menu of the same VTS is still referenced, the commands of the orphan Title
are changed to a CallSS to the FP-PGC. This way, useless commands pointing
to nowhere are removed.
E. Find Jumps to Void PGCs: Added a warning with the void entry menu PGCs that
can be called with the remote.
E. Info -> GPRMs: Added a "Refresh" button to recompute the usage counts.
E. Suppressed the warning displayed when a DVD is read about wrong time map
tables then the VTS_PTT_SRPT table doesn't exist at all.
E. Added the following hot keys:
- DVD -> Clear Jump to Void PGCs: Ctrl+Shift+J
- DVD -> Delete Uncalled PGCs: Ctrl+Shift+U
- Info -> Find Jumps to Nowhere: Ctrl+Shift+N
E. Improved some error messages.
E. When a DVD is loaded, PgcEdit checks now if the TTN number assigned to a
title PGC is not 0, and if it is 0, it offers to assign the TTN 1 instead.
E. When a DVD is loaded, PgcEdit checks now if all VOB files are referenced by
the IFOs, and offer to remove the unreferenced VOB files. This solve also
the issue of unnecessary VOBs left after a Restore Backup operation.
F. The number of PTTs was not updated in VMG_TT_SRPT after the use of Title ->
PTT (Chapter) Editor.
F. PGC Editor: the number of PGs was sometimes wrongly incremented by 1.
F. PGC Editor and Replace VTST Titles: When the number of programs of a PGC
was modified in the PGC Editor and then, in the same PgcEdit session, that
VTS was replaced by another one using the option to keep the data of the
original PGC, the number of programs was wrong, and that caused the PGC
Editor to crash.
F. Trace: Bug when a button or BOV command did not include a jump elsewhere.
F. Fixed a bug occurring when the PGC comments or GPRM labels have been
modified, the DVD Text General Name contains a character illegal in a file
name such as ":" and the option to automatically save the user comments
in the backup folder was not enabled.
F. Fixed a possible bug under Vista when Roxio and Macrovision Software
Manager has been installed. The path to the Application Data folder was
F. Fixed a possible bug with the length of the VTSI_MAT table when its
end-byte pointer is (intentonally?) wrong. (Thanks Michael!)
F. DVD-Text General Name: When creating a new VMG_TXTDT_MG table, an useless
pointer was initialized. It is now set to 0.
E. The standalone executable is now wrapped with freeWrap v6.3. PgcEdit should
now start without problem under Ubuntu v7.10 Gusty.
E. Added the possibility to specify the character encoding needed by some
foreign systems with accented characters by defining the system environment
variable PGCEDIT_ENCODING, or with the command line option /E=encoding or
-e=encoding. Specify /? or -h to see a list of the available encodings.
The default encoding is cp1252.