Get up to 23 virtual CD-Rom drives and unlimited number of virtual CDs with just one program! Create your own virtual CD library; boost up your CD-Rom performance.

CD-ROM Emulator is very helpful utility designed for creating and managing virtual CD drives and CD/DVD discs. For anyone who deals with CD-based programs – it is a MUST.

Using Paragon CDE 3.0

At home:
Experience the better performance of your pc playing games and watching movies. Listen to your favorite music. Create your own multimedia library with no chance to loose precious items. Don’t get irritated because of long and noisy start-up. Just enjoy

In the office:
Run all needed programs at once. Organize better data storage, share data between different computers in no time. One real CD drive and CDE is enough to provide CD-ROM usage for the whole compartment. Create CD-libraries for common use – it will save you time and effort.

On the road:
Save effort by leaving your CDs at home. Save time with 10 times faster CDE. Save energy - you don't need your power-savoring CD-ROM. Save space - use the CD-ROM slot to connect other devices.

Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Network Features:

*Automatic recognition of title, album, and artist for audio CDs. FreeDB database is supported.
*CD Emulator supports Data (ISO9660), Audio (CDDA, MP3), VCD, DVD, DVD-Video, mixed-mode CDs, Multisession CD
*Shell extensions and Quick Start for convenience
*Supports normal CD and DVD and CD RAW sub-channel reading methods, ignoring bad blocks
*Possibility to select any available codec for the audio tracks
*Virtual CDs can be organized in folders.
*Easy way to find and to add existing images in the database of virtual CDs
*Reusing images: already created images can be moved to another location (even to another computer) and then be added in CD Emulator database of images again.
*Easy Built-in burner includes: test mode, possibility to write raw and subchannel data, create multisession disks, Track-At-Once/Session-At-Once writing methods. Supports ISO format
*Built-in eraser for CD/DVD (fast and full methods supported)