New in Version 4.5d:

Greek holidays,
Support of up to 15 monitors,
Templates may be displayed transparently on the desktop,
The elements of the desktop calendar can be fixed on the desktop,
Positions of PTBSync windows are stored remembering the monitor they were displayed on the last time,
Improved rendering of stretched desktop wallpapers (XP),
No "stealing of focus" and "coming to foreground" of the desktop calendar anymore,
No more resetting to default settings after template changes,
New selection combobox for template settings,
Clean up of PTBSync directory,
Little bugfixes.

Microsoft has built a new "feature" into XP Service Pack 2, which causes the TrayClock, which was running perfectly for many years, not to function anymore and report Error 5010.
I will try to find a workaround in PTBSync 4.5e.

Until then you have to exclude the Explorer from the Data Execution Prevention, otherwise PTBSync cannot hook the TrayClock.dll into the Explorer.exe.
(Explorer.exe displays the Windows clock, the TrayClock.dll contains the PTBSync trayclock)

1. Control Panel (--> Performance and Maintenance) --> System
2. Open the tab "Advanced"
3. In the section "Performance" click the "Settings" button
4. Open the tab "Data Execution Prevention"
5. Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select"
6. Click the "Add" button
7. Enter the path to the Windows Explorer (gernerally C:\Windows\Explorer.exe, NOT Internet Explorer!!)
8. Now you should see the Explorer in the list under "Turn on DEP.." and the checkmark should be checked
9. Click "Apply"