With ActiSetup, you can make full-featured installations at a fraction of the price of most competitors. Featuring complete Windows Installer support, ActiSetup allows you to create your own MSI installation packages, patches, and even merge modules. In addition, ActiSetup includes a customizable setup launcher designed to simplify the process of installing prerequisites such as the .NET Framework.

ActiSetup lets you quickly create installations with a single step-by-step wizard, as well as directly edit the MSI tables for greater fine-tuning. ActiSetup even comes with an updater service, so you can effortlessly deliver patches to your users. 0

What's New

The new 2005 release brings many exciting enhancements to previous versions of ActiSetup. Below is a list outlining a few of the primary changes in this release.

* Windows Installer support
For the first time, ActiSetup can build full-featured Windows Installer packages: anything from installations to patches and merge modules. ActiSetup supports Windows Installer up to version 3.0. This means you can also build installations for any previous versions of Windows Installer.
* Integrated project build and distribution
With ActiSetup 2005, you can create multiple build configurations and customize the way your application is packaged. ActiSetup 2005 includes a brand-new setup bootstrapper, designed to simplify the process of installing prerequisites such as the .NET Framework.
* Online updater
New to this version of ActiSetup is a tool called Dacris Updater. With this updater service, you can deliver patches to users of your application securely and efficiently. Dacris Updater simplifies the process of looking for updates online.