Searching for 'show all 3 power plans in tray software'? Congratulations, you just have found a comprehensive solution. Power Plan Assistant for Windows is an ultimate manual / automatic power plan switcher and a compact (yet very informative) system Power icon replacement. It's the multiple award-winning, the world's smartest power management tool.

Power Plan Assistant was designed to work with all Windows x86 / x64 compatible hardware, plus it can (optionally) install the unique features, available for a Boot Camp-enabled Apple Macbook Pro / Macbook Air notebooks running Windows.

Power Plan Assistant application can be considered as "donationware": it's totally free to use, although the users are welcome to support the development by making a voluntary donation. Every donator receives the permanent Personal Serial Number for Power Plan Assistant tool!

Power Plan Assistant allows a user to:

  • Quickly switch between the Windows built-in and custom power plans (3 system plans + all custom plans, so forget about the system Power icon limitations);
  • Easily see which power plan is currently active (dynamic application's icon1 in the taskbar notification area changes in accordance with an active power plan, does not matter where the plans were switched - in a Control Panel, through the system Power icon or in the Power Plan Assistant itself);
  • 1User may choose between the three types of the dynamic notification area icon in taskbar. One of the available icons CAN REPLACE THE SYSTEM POWER ICON COMPLETELY: it displays more information (battery level, active power plan, power source) and offers much higher precision than the system icon.
  • Instantly power off the display on user's demand (why wait at least one minute for it to be powered off, wasting the energy?). The display can be waked up then by pressing any key or moving the cursor;
  • Switch the power plans automatically:
    • to 'Power Saver' (to preventively save the energy if the battery level goes low);
    • to 'High Performance' or 'Balanced' (on plugging in);
    • to 'Power Saver' or 'Balanced' (on unplugging).
  • Instantly power off the display, lock workstation or toggle Windows Flip 3D mode without a need to perform even a single click: the user-configurable action fires on placing the cursor precisely at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Run a user-defined application or a batch file if power plan changes (individual setting per each power plan is available). This enriches Power Plan Assistant with virtually infinite capabilities. For example, you can tie your favorite overclocking software preset to an active power plan, turn off specific devices, etc.
  • Optional features (for Boot Camp-enabled Apple Macbook Pro / Air notebooks):
  • Power Plan Assistant brings the Apple Macbook Pro / Air keyboard backlight management to a new level, allowing the user to disable keyboard backlight completely or just disable / enable automatic keyboard backlight level adjustment. These features were previously available on Mac OS X only. Power Plan Assistant brings them to both the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, at the same time preserving all of Boot Camp's native hardware controls (no driver-level conflicts, thus no need to unload the 'Bootcamp.exe' or 'KbdMgr.exe' process).
  • Apple Macbook Pro / Air family, unlike any other notebooks on the market, do not have the hardware Wi-Fi / Bluetooth button (the toggle). Power Plan Assistant offers you to turn on / off the wireless adapters quickly and easily, directly from its 'left-click' actions menu. This feature is a real Boot Camp power saver. Now you can keep wireless adapters on only when you actually need the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

What's New:

  • Power Plan Assistant now comes with an optional system Power icon replacement - a totally new, compact, yet very clear and informative tray icon