This post does not Flash FW, this is a troubleshooting method so we can determine what Nand is on your drive.

This tool only works on an Indilinx drive (Agility, Vertex, Solid2, Onyx) it does not work on Sandforce (Agility2, Vertex2, Vertex-LE, Vertex2 Pro)

This process does not require a jumper, you simply boot to your USB Stick and run the program. This process does require you to be in IDE mode, AHCI mode will block the utility from seeing the drive. THIS PROCESS WILL NOT WORK WITH JUMPER FITTED OR IF THE DRIVE SHOWS IN ENGINEERING MODE AS A YATAPDONG DEVICE


  1. Go here for instructions on how to make a USB key bootable: Link to Procedure (if you already have a bootable USB key, just delete everything else off it for now, you can use what you already have, but we want it blank).
  2. Download the file
  3. Unzip the "identity" file to your new USB key.
  4. Once unzipped this is what you should see on the USB key:

  5. Power down your machine and then reboot to the USB stick. Everything will happen automatically. You will be presented with this screen:

  6. Press the correct number for your SSD and you should now see this screen: (your updater exe filename will not necessarily match this, but it will be displayed like this)

  7. Now you can send the information or write it down for later use.