Windows Serial number: 1037-1412-5094-8316-6812-7982
Mac Serial number: 1037-0413-9961-4063-8457-1098

Benefits of switching to InDesign CS2 include:

  • InDesign CS2 is tightly integrated with Adobe Photoshop® CS2, Adobe Illustrator® CS2, Adobe Acrobat® 7, Adobe GoLive® CS2, and Adobe InCopy® CS2 software, so you can quickly get up to speed with InDesign CS2 and then can work more efficiently with the other creative applications you use every day. It also includes Adobe Bridge, the new file management hub for all Adobe Creative Suite 2 components.
  • InDesign CS2 offers sophisticated typographic features, including optical kerning, optical margin alignment, nested paragraph styles, paragraph-based text composition for improved hyphenation and justification, and full support for OpenType® fonts.
  • InDesign CS2 offers several creative features that aren’t available in PageMaker. These features include transparency effects, such as drop shadows and blending modes; type on a path; object styles; character styles; nested frames; multicolor gradients; custom line styles; and built-in corner styles and arrowheads.
  • InDesign CS2 lets you directly export Adobe PDF files without having to go through Acrobat Distiller®—in fact, you don’t need Distiller or an installed PostScript® driver. In addition, PDF files exported from InDesign CS2 can contain prepress or interactivity information that can’t be included in PDF files created from PageMaker.
  • The multiple undo feature in InDesign CS2 lets you undo a virtually unlimited number of steps (depending on available RAM), which means you can design with complete freedom.
  • InDesign CS2 was developed from the “ground up” using modern modular software design and development techniques.