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Access sites that are censored by your government or corporation, BUT read the warning note below.

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Warning, botnet-like behavior: Hola is a popular extension most commonly used to bypass the geo-blocks on Netflix and Hulu. However it's been discovered that Hola also sells users' connections to a third-party service, meaning your connection can be used by hackers to maliciously attack websites. If you are looking for a way to bypass geo-blocks, there are plenty of great, cheap VPN services that offer far greater privacy and security to their users (2016).

Content services (music, video, sport) often require that you be a resident of a certain country to use them, and attempt to enforce this with geographical blocking according to your device's IP. This can be frustrating for a registered user of a service that happens to be travelling outside his or her country of residence.

In the TV world, solutions for this problem included SlingBox, which enabled you to see your TV while abroad. For the Internet - there is Hola.

For travellers, the Hola Unblocker enables watching native content from anywhere in the world -- available as a Chrome/Firefox extension or as a Windows client install that works with any browser. Please note that Hola does not relieve you from reading and complying with the terms of use of each of the services that you are using.

For people living in countries where governments control content by blocking sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., the Hola Unblocker client for Windows enables to avoid this censorship and freely use these sites.

How do I use the Hola Unblocker on Windows?

Install Hola for Windows, then hover over the Hola tray icon and choose Hola Unblocker. This will open the Hola Unblocker page in your default browser, allowing you to select the websites you wish to access. Select the site, then click the link. The Hola client for Windows works with any browser and includes the Hola Web Accelerator.

How do I use the Hola Unblocker on Android?

  1. Install Hola for Android
  2. When you get the Android VPN message, select "I trust this application
  3. For rooted devices, grant Superuser permission
  4. Inside the Hola app, turn on the Unblocker, then select the sites and apps you wish to Unblock from the settings page (you can always access this page by pressing "+ sites"
  5. If you can't find an Unblocked app on the Google Play store, then do the following:
    • Open the browser on your phone
    • Search on Google for a download of the application's APK, for example if you're looking for ABC123, search for "ABC123 APK download" - an APK is Androids application file type
    • Once you finish downloading the APK file, press it to install
  6. If you get a message that you can't install non-Market apps, see here for how to enable non-Play apps) Open the site or app and enjoy.

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