Dolby Axon

Dolby Axon

We thought it was time that online voice chat finally lived up to the high-tech graphics and sound found in today's games. So, we created Dolby Axon for games and gamers.

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Dolby Axon provides superior voice quality that’s free of clipping, echo, and unwanted noise. Playing games that have Dolby Axon already baked in lets you unlock even more features.

Stand-Alone Voice Chat

Downloading the desktop client is like getting the keys to the entire Dolby® Axon audio experience.

Crystal-clear voice chat is available for systems ranging from mono to full-on surround sound.

To plan your raids in surround, you can use visual chat rooms to help you organize, displaying your teammates' chat locations so what you see is the same as what you hear. Our built-in overlay system even shows you who's talking in-game.

The Dolby Axon desktop client is also refreshingly easy to install and use. If you've ever used an instant messenger (and we suspect you have), you'll have the interface mastered in minutes.

Life-like Conversation

When you download Dolby Axon, conversations between you and your teammates just flow more naturally. With the surround sound setup, more than one person can talk at the same time and their voices are heard simultaneously—just as in normal conversation. Everyone in the chat is represented visually, so it's easier to keep track of who's in the room, and who's talking.

More Great Features

Outstanding sound quality: When it comes to providing high-quality sound at a low bandwidth, Dolby Axon sets a new standard. That means no unwanted noise, clipping, or echo.

Guild friendly: You can invite up to 150 of your guild mates to your chat room and chat with 50 of them at the same time. Customize your chats by dividing them up into four channels to have separate conversations in one room.

Permanent chat rooms: You'll get five permanent rooms so that everyone always knows where to gather.

Powerfully simple: Whether you're a newbie or a power user, Dolby Axon gives you exactly what you need. Add a friend and jump immediately into a chat with no complex setup wizard. Then, once your feet are wet, you can tweak and fine-tune your settings as much as you'd like.

Ease of organization: Your friend list is command central for keeping tabs on both friends and chats.

Life-like surround sound: Nobody does surround sound better than Dolby, and Dolby Axon delivers it over speakers or a headset.

It's free: Download Dolby Axon for free and upgrade your voice chat experience for good.

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