Google Desktop Search for Enterprise helps you easily manage the ever-growing mountain of information located on your computers and includes key standards-based administrator features that provide enhanced security, centralized configuration and easy company-wide deployment. Perhaps best of all—it's free.

Boost your productivity with Google Desktop Search:

* Find your email, files, media, web history and chats instantly
* View web pages you've seen, even when you're not online
* Search directly from your desktop with the Deskbar
* View search results from your desktop, intranet and

Why the new enterprise features are a big deal for IT administrators:

* Centrally control user features and preferences
* Encrypt all user data and search index files
* Easily deploy using the included installation package
* Test new versions before distributing

Google Desktop searches:

IBM Lotus Notes
Internet Explorer
Outlook Email
Netscape Mail
Outlook Express
AOL Instant Messenger

Google search for your computer

With Google Desktop Search, you can search the full text of your email, files, viewed web pages and chats. Specifically, you can search:

* Email from Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird
* All the most popular business file types on your Windows-based PC, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, MP3, image, audio and video files
* Web pages you’ve viewed using Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox
* Chats from AOL and AOL Instant Messenger

A single place to search

When used in tandem with the Google Search Appliance or Google Mini, our intranet search appliances, Google Desktop Search for Enterprise
gives you centralized search of your PC, your corporate network and the Internet. The results are returned in an easy-to-navigate view you're already familiar with.

More information at your fingertips

In addition to its basic search functionality, Google Desktop Search for Enterprise introduces new ways to access relevant and time sensitive information. For example Google Desktop Search organizes email search results into “conversations,” so that all email messages in the same thread are grouped into a single search result.

Learn more about user features.

Benefits for administrators

Simple and safe to deploy

The included Microsoft Windows Installer package that makes organization-wide distribution a snap. And you can choose to encrypt your users’ search indexes for added security using Encrypted File System (EFS).

Standards-based administration

Centrally manage user preferences using Microsoft Group Policy settings. For example, you can restrict Google Desktop Search from indexing specific websites that may contain sensitive information or prevent it from indexing a specific file type, such as IM chats.

Support for shared workstation environments

Provide desktop search for multiple users on the same Windows machine. Google Desktop Search for Enterprise enables you to give users secure search across just the files they have access to on shared workstations.

Test before distributing

Receive updated versions from Google at a centralized location, and—after satisfying yourself by testing the update within your corporate environment—distribute it to the desktops of individual users.