Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra is a new, more powerful wallpaper manager with expanded capabilities, such as desktop clock skins of various types. Now you can choose between the traditional and digital (winamp clock skins) looks of the time keeping devices on your desktop. Plus, you don't worry about wallpaper sizes, formats and resolutions - the program fits everything automatically. Add Active Desktop support and Taskbar transparency to that and you get the most comprehensive wallpaper managing software currently available on the market.
Wallpaper rotation can be done automatically or manually, by pressing hotkeys, upon system startup or shutdown, or after a specified time period. Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra can automatically close itself after a wallpaper change in order to reduce memory usage, a feature that many owners of older, less powerful computers appreciate.
Among the most useful and popular features of the program are full support for all major image formats - BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, EMF, WMF, ZIP,GIF, PSD, PDD, PCX, PCC, WBZ, PSP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PGM, PBM, TGA, VST, ISB, VDA, WIN, RLA, RPF, CEL, PIC; very simple and straightforward picture library management, built-in special effects wizard, semi-transparent calendar, option for transparent background for desktop icon text, and support for the virtual desktops that come with Microsoft Power Toys for XP.

Best of all, the software is absolutely free to try and test. Download your copy now.

What's New:
* Added option Exclude taskbar with enabled option image

# Support of 21 new image formats is added: GIF, PSD, PDD, PCX, PCC, WBZ, PSP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PGM, PBM, TGA, VST, ISB, VDA, WIN, RLA, RPF, CEL, PIC.
# Fixed bug with possible memory leak if option "change every .." is used.
# Fixed bug with timer auto start.
# Some limitations of non-registered version were removed.
# Rewriten startup procedure.
# Taskbar transparency not saves - Fixed.
# "Only once per day" don't save disabled status after program restart - Fixed.
# Hints added for the buttons in the "hotkey" window.
# Changed last screen in the Intro.
# Default menu style changed to "Office XP".
# Fixed: old random code was included to previous betas.
# Added option to disable calendar. You can find it on calendar page and in tray popup menu.
# Fixed bug with default calendar options.
# Fixed wrong description of hotkey.
# Fixed: drag'n'drop of image files to the form don't accept new file formats.
# Fixed: Problem with positioning of Preview window in Windows XP SP2.
# FARSI language support added.
# Taskbar transparency fully disabled if you move trackbars slider to right position (was added because taskbar flicker if you play video with s o me video players, and for compatibility with Radmin 2.1 ).
# Fixed exception on Save/Append List.
# Time up to activation of button "OK" on nag-screen was reduced to 5 seconds.
# Fixed: Exception on press swap button for "preview window".
# Nag screen is removed.
# Unlimited trial is removed.
# Fixed: Drag'n'Drop don't work with pathname longer 80.
# Fixed: On Minimize bug.
# A little bugs has been fixed.
# German language updated.
# Fixed bug with AV on exit.
# Fixed: Wallpaper don't change at startup (for registered users only)
# Slovak language updated.
# French language updated.
# Arabic language updated.
# Italian language updated.
# Fixed: Bug with button "Set wallpaper".
# Added: Auto sensing of month/date format for clocks.
# Decreased CPU usage on round clocks (will be decreased additionally in the final version).
# Fixed: Wallpaper don't change at startup (for registered users only)
# Fixed crash on close.
# New short-key registration system.
# Big heap of internal fixes.
# Fixed height of menus.
# 60-day trial for this release.
# Italian language updated.
# Fixed: Next image wasn't updated when user clicks on it in tray form.