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More about Crystal MP3 Splitter

Crystal MP3 Splitter is an easy-to-use MP3 editor which can greatly improve your efficiency. It allows you to split a large file into multiple small pieces and what you should do is just click "splitter" button and Crystal MP3 Splitter will finish it automatically. It keeps exactly the same sound quality of original MP3s. With its fade in and fade out function, Crystal MP3 Splitter can smoothly goes from full volume to zero volume or from zero volume to full volume. It can also split the files according to the same setting time and split cyclically.

Key Features:

Visually define the time you want to split at by using slider bar.
Allow for playing from the time before adding it into the splitting list.
Allow for splitting MP3 to equal time segments by either specified duration or number of segments.
Allow for splitting files cyclically.
Allow for selecting the tracks to split from the splitting list. Read more.

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