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StepUp 3.0.5

StepUp is a PC migration tool that migrates data, applications and settings from one PC to another PC. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about StepUp

Migrate Data, Applications and Settings with a simple installation process
The process of migration is done by adopting simple methodology of installation, in less than the expected duration. The convenient migration of data prevents you from the unnecessary usage of floppy, disk and other complicated settings.

Easy Migration Wizard that guides you throughout
The migration wizard helps in guiding the user in quick migration to the Destination.

Requires just one installation in your PC
Stepup facilitates migration by its installation in the Destination PC alone.

If you experience the limitations in migrating applications that StepUp does not support ,you can mail your requirement for customization.

StepUp supports USB Cable
StepUp supports USB cable too. Migration can be done by connecting the PCs via Parallel Cable, Crossover Cable and USB Cable.

Multiple Operating System Support
StepUp supports Windows 2000 and XP for its Destination PC and Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP for its Source PC.

Prevents wastage of time
Migration of applications and data are effectively and quickly done to save time.

StepUp v 3.0 Features:

- Migrates Data files, System Settings,
Favorites and Applications
- Migrates IE Favorites and Cookies
- Requires installation on destination
machine only
- Supports multiple OS
- Does not require external disks
- Fast Migration
- Multiple connection options
- Saves time and Effort
- Reduces Frustration Read more.

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