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RegVac Registry Cleaner 5.02.08

Far exceeding other registry cleaners, RegVac has 6 cleaners, 3 editors, and 7 tools that repair problems, tidy up Windows, and get your PC running faster and more efficient. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about RegVac Registry Cleaner

RegVac Features:
  • Fix Broken Software
    • While RegVac will not fix all broken software, reports are coming in from all over the world about how RegVac has fixed stubborn software problems.
    • "When the newest version of AOL crashed, the only way I could get it to work again was to reinstall it. I had 7 AOLs on my computer. Then one day I happened to run RegVac. To my surprise it fixed AOL.
    • Now before I reinstall software that crashes, I run RegVac." - Ray in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    • "Everytime I attempted to install an antivirus program, it crashed my computer. But after running RegVac, I was able to successfully install the antivirus program. Thank you." - Astra in Janmuiza, Latvia.
  • Novice Mode
    • Are you a novice? Or are you too lazy to figure out what all of these tools do? Then forget all of the tools. Novice Mode safely cleans the Registry with one click of the button.
  • Bonus Tools
    • Automation
      • One click of the button cleans up to seven sections: Classes, Stash, File Lists, Software, Bad Links, System Config, and Junk. Automation can be set up to run on startup daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
    • Classes Vac
      • Similar to RegClean, Classes Vac cleans the Classes section of the registry.
    • Stash Vac
      • The registry is littered with history lists, recent lists, and tips. This tool removes 27 of the most common stashes and allows you to add the location of more stashes.
    • File Lists Vac
      • They abound all through the registry, references to files that no longer exist. This vac finds them and removes them.
    • Software Vac
      • The largest part of the registry is the Software section. This tool searches through the Software section and finds keys that may be left over from long deleted files.
    • Bad Link Vac
      • Looks from one end of the registry to the other for references to files that do not exist on your computer. It then allows you to check and remove any of the bad entries.
    • Add/Remove Editor
      • This is actually the popular program, Add/Remove Pro. It checks your Add/Remove Programs list for programs that have already been deleted and allows you to uninstall programs, remove entries, and test entries.
    • System Configuration Utility
      • This is a neat little Windows utility otherwise known as msconfig.exe. RegVac will open it for you. One disadvantage of this utility is that it does not actually remove entries from the registry. It only disables them. RegVac will remove entries disabled by msconfig.
    • OpenWith Editor
      • Lists the extensions that are configured through the Open With... dialog box in Windows and allows you to remove them.
    • AutoComplete Editor
      • Everytime you type something in a web form, it is saved in the registry. This editor allows you to remove the ones you want to.
    • Junk Key Editor
      • Spyware and Adware love to put entries in your registry. This tool checks to see of you have any of the common ones and removes them.
    • Registry Backup, Pack, and Restore
      • Make full backups of the registry and restore them. Remove fragmentation from the registry files with Registry Pack.
  • Undo It
    • If you want to undo something, Undo allows you to restore all registry settings removed by RegVac. These Undo backups may also be restored outside of RegVac. The RegVac can also delete Vac Bags that are over a week old.
  • Keep Windows Running Efficiently
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