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GetRight Pro 6.5

Great Download Manager program to help you download files from the Internet. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about GetRight Pro

GetRight Pro does everything that GetRight does and a lot more. GetRight Pro will of course help you download files with acceleration, resuming/recovering from errors, dialing, scheduling, file searching and everything else.

GetRight Pro adds uploading of files, advanced scripting, acting as a proxy so other programs can take advantange of it's features and more!

What's New:

* 6.3e: Many fixes and small improvements.
* 6.3d: Many fixes and small improvements.
* 6.3c: Added a "Brand New User Wizard" and made a few changes to help get setup easier for a new GetRight user.
* More fixes, see below.
* 6.3b: Fix a crash on startup for some people
* 6.3b: New SSL files.
* 6.3a: New installer tool.
* 6.3a: Fixes for some Vista issues.
* 6.3a: Maintenance and lots of little fixes.
* 6.3: New graphics. Greatly improved appearance for Vista and XP..
* 6.3: New "Find Files" button links to convenient categories of software on our new (A button with the same menus as the one below.)
* 6.3: Fix several Vista issues with detecting web browser clicks.
* 6.3: Improved the Shutdown when Done so the options are all in one easy menu.
* 6.3: Fixed issues with Vista/XP/2003 and DEP (Data Execution Protection.)
* 6.3: Quite a few more fixes and improvements. Read more.

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