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This new service will provide a user experience directly comparable to cable and satellite. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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More about TVU Player

The TVU service will premiere later this year. This new service will provide a user experience directly comparable to cable and satellite. It will feature hard-to-find special-interest TV channels, international sports, lifestyle, news, and your favorite channels from around the globe as well as user-generated content.
Unlike the typical video on your PC or IP-based TV efforts undertaken so far, TVU will offer a "TV" like experience on your PC. The video quality will be equal to or better than typical digital cable channels and you will be able to switch between multiple TV channels just like on a TV.

System Requirements:
Windows 2000 or XP
Broadband Internet connection, such as DSL or cable modem

Download Instructions:
1) Download the file to someplace convenient – the Desktop is a good choice.
2) Find the TVUPlayer folder and open it. Open the folder whose name starts with “TVUPlayer”.
3) Double-click on the file whose name starts with “Setup.exe”. This will start the TVU Install program.
4) In the Install program, choose the default buttons for the easiest install.

Using the TVU:
To start the TVU, double-click the “TVUPlayer” icon on your Desktop. The channels available are listed on the left-hand side of the application. To watch any channel, simply double-click on its name. After a short delay, the video will appear; it may take a little time for the video to stabilize and deliver a consistent picture. To change the channel, double-click on a different channel on the list at the left. You can control the audio volume with the slider on the bottom right.

What's New:

- New channel Search feature - enter text into the Search field, and the matching channels (by name or description) will appear in the channel list
- New broadcast language menu - pick a language and only channels in that language will show up in the channel list (available in version 2.3.6)
- Improved channel "presence": when channels are not available (not currently broadcasting, or blocked out for specific time interval), they will show up in the channel list, grayed out
- Reliability stability improvement
- Network performance improvement
- Firefox plug-in available Read more.

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